Don't let players sit out the whole tournament

players sitting out for ages i think should be maxium time of 3mins or somthing like that,then they shoud lose there seat to make room for other players who are waiting to play, if u like this please VOTE


I think this is a great idea! :smiley:

So we’ve got votes for 3 mins, 4 mins and 5 mins and everyone likes the idea. Cool! Anyone else like to add a comment?

players sitting out , should be made to bet blinds. gone for a smoke or not ,

5 min

5 minutes is a Great Plenty…I am a smoker…and If that is what they are taking breaks for,Which some may be,while we ALL know what others are doing… (Post & Fold) just to get the stats… <–Infuriating-- There is a certain person here who blatantly says he is NOT a Poker Player…is only here because our policy allows him to get away with post & fold…To get Stats…his profile says he always ,WINNS…Once again…Very Maddening…

I am Excited that this Is Finally Being Addressed. WTG Paul.

I agree with ladyred24? Now, I have to take a shower!

I Run a Poker League in Replay Now. But all our members know that if they leave the tourney for any reason. They have minutes to return and play. If they don’t they are disqualified from the tourney, placed last. Many of our members are not yet use to the replay site. They think as did I, if they stood up and left the tourney that they would be gone. I didn’t realize that their names and chip amounts stayed at the table. So I am all for a time limit on the sit and fold rule. I do believe some people might abuse this option. 5mins sounds good to me. However, If they do this repeatedly over and over again. In my thinking that still adds up to trying to cheat.

I think it is a Great Idea !!!

This will work for non-tourney games only. Rules are rules follow the casino standards. TY

This seems to be a popular idea, so far there are 9 votes. I’d like to hear more opinions. Should it apply to both ring games and tournaments? Should it apply to just when you sit out, or also if you keep posting and folding? Is 5 mins best? Tell us what you think!

Paul I don’t care if they are tourney games or non tourney games. If people want to abuse the no fold option. And just leave the game when others are bidding. It’s just not right. The sit out and fold button is great for people who just need a few minutes to get back to playing. but Pummeir uses it constantly to just wait for people to be gone. Then that name comes back to play or it hopes it will place. Sorry that’s not playing poker. This tactic is used in Game Desire as well. That is why I don’t support that site any longer. Needs to be something done about the Sit out No Fold Option :slight_smile:

I disagree with katgrndmaw regular table games are fine as they are. You can shorten the time away from table that is fine too. With the regular table when someone is away you can tell because the seat changes color.

In a REPLAY tournament game the seat remains the same color, you do not know when a player post and folds or when they return. Thus, they are given a edge they should not have compared to a real tournament game.

From Blueslide====There is a certain person here who blatantly says he is NOT a Poker Player…is only here because our policy allows him to get away with post & fold…To get Stats…

Uhhh…so this explains the 200 plus tourney wins I take it??? This will work for non-tourney games only. Rules are rules follow the casino standards.


You can tell when they have Post & Fold Checked very easily, all you have to do is hit raise, They will fold Immediately if it IS checked. It is also very common for Some to use the Post & Fold for a Large part of the game and then show up long enough to stack up some more chips,( usually done when it is a large turnout ) and then do the Post & Fold again. This Assures at least 2nd Place.

Is a Great Idea ladyred24 !!!

Maybe Fantastic Even !!!

I agree great idea… Only been on here a short time and yes I find it annoying for a person to Double up playing Bingo and the sit out til the blinds get high enough it eats into the chips and they come back… That’s a poor excuse for a poker player… Yes u can tell when a person posts and folds from the seat checking automaticly and folds when raised. Highlight that seat and expose the player and if they don’t return to the bottom they go in final results. 1 thing that annoys me is a person jumps in a seat on 2 tables plays 1 hand then sits out. Comes back before they lose their seat uncheck the box and sit back out the next hand… Plenty of people want to play and these bafoons are doing nothing… Whats bad is a few I’ve seen a moderators and should respect the players more if they are gonna have authority to ban people 4 the smallest things.They know who they are… Just seems to me because they are “Moderators” they can do it… Come on now!! Now I’m sure I have a bounty on my head but I spit the truth and call it like I see it… Great Idea regardless!!.

Bad idea regardless doing this to tourney players. Do we change all the rules as people come up with issues that don’t suit their fancy?

Sounds like they simply do not win much. Maybe they should not make these calls in such a scenario. Use your brains. Play in other tourneys. So i guess making a call, then going all in shall be stopped also? Weakness prevails here… Play NO LIMIT POKER!!! Or play PL or FL if you can’t hang with NL games. 200 people out of 90,000 seem to want to adjust the rules for themselves in a play money gambling atmosphere at NO LIMIT Poker.

Pummelr – I’m confused too. You don’t seem to be commenting on the main topic here.

Out of interest, how do other poker rooms like Full Tilt and PokerStars deal with this problem. Is there a commonly accepted solution?