Unacceptable tricks

I seldom get angry at a poker table, but there are a category of players which I consider particularly annoying: players who start going all-in pre-flop at every hand, saying “Sorry, I have to go!” Strangely, though, they don’t call all-in with bad cards, as such a statement obviously implies, but with very good hands. They make many “victims” in the process, then, when they have amassed a consistent amount of chips, their urgent need to quit miraculously disappears, they stay and play “normally”.
I’d like to point out that I know that some players really have to leave in the middle of a tourney, including me. In one of these cases, for example, when I politely said to a player: “If you have to leave, please don’t ruin the game of the others, do simply quit the table”, they immediately apologised and left.
I might be severe, but to me, when it evidently is an intentional “trick”, this is a shameful and unacceptable form of cheating.


I was told at a casino that the only acceptable way to leave in the midst of a game is to be blinded out–to fold and away. It’s fair. I experienced the scenario you’ve described a few times when I first started playing. Maybe I was being targeted because I was new to the game. However, I suspected from the first time that there was NO truth to the story!

I’m pretty sure people get suckered into that scam frequently, but you know, participating in an unfair chip pass is cheating too, right? It’s collusion, which no poker venue allows. Maybe the person hinting at a “golden opportunity” should be reported. This is probably one for support@replaypoker.com They are always super helpful.


The majority of us have been at a table like that before with players like that, it’s just a fact if life in the game of online poker. You won’t see that in a Casino as Jan said.

Proving a player does or does not have to leave the table as you said “ you “ do also is something no one has done yet in all these years.

The only way not to feel like a “ Victim ” or like you’ve been “ Tricked “ is to not call the bet.

When I get aggravated enough I don’t say anything to that player, I just leave the table.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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No, of course one can’t prove if they really have to leave or haven’t. But why the heck should the others care about their schedule, and why they feel compelled to find excuses for their donky play? LOL
If they want to go all-in at every hand, FREE to do so, but silently, without trying to urge the others to call. Or if they really have to go, they should simply quit, without spoiling the game of the others. As I and many others normally do.
Strange, though, is the fact that they always stay and start playing normally after having amassed lots of chips. This show what sort of players (or non players) they are.
By the way, I personally don’t feel either a victim or tricked. I have played poker online for too long not to recognize immediately the goal of such statements.
I play according to my cards, if I see a chance to win, I call, otherwise I fold, as always.
Nevertheless I despise such cheap tricks. And how can they possibly be part of the life of online poker? Even on a free site, there are precise rules of conduct. The fact one sees such a behaviour often, doesn’t make it less despicable or forbidden. Quite the opposite, and one should always try to oppose it, above all to protect less experienced players.

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I agree. The part of online play I talked about is they are not physically present to get rid of. I don’t like it of course but I have a choice , stay and let it bother my free time playing poker or or leave the table.

I chose to leave or wait it out and don’t call their bet. Eventually they move on from the table.

Same thing as “ Bingo Players “ . I never report either kind of player. It’s poker…

Rob aka chasetheriver, Replay Pokers Operations Manager and collusion expert would be the one for guidance on this.

I don’t honestly know if you would report that as cheating or trickery.

I’ve never reported anyone, and I’ll probably never do, unless I see a particularly odious case of racism or harassment. I can normally speak my mind without help.
In my opinion, you can’t compare the usual “bingo players”, who however bothering they might be, have the right to play as they like, and those who do the same but trying to deceit people with false statements. And frankly it is a mystery to me how you can’t see the evident difference.
In my opinion, that is one of the silliest kinds of cheating, and the goal of my post was actually to encourage people at the tables not to accept it passively, but at least to try making those boring players clear that their “strategy” has nothing to do with a fair game of poker.

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Just trying to help that’s all.

If you find that you consider that cheating like you said then I would definitely email support@replaypoker.com

Please let us know here on this thread so we all can report it if it is indeed cheating and how do we stop this trickery.

Thank you.

@miri123 ,

Hypothetically, you have to leave house by say 330p, and you enter a MTT @ 230p thinking you’ll play more fast/loose and certainly prolly be out way before you have to leave. Prob is each time you push a bad hand, you seem to win… now its 325p you got 5 min left, you abhore ppl that build a stack then sit out hoping they place in the money, so you let ppl know you have 2 leave and cannot just “give” your chips away, ppl will have to take them.

This actually is a short term prob for the table, but a boon for anyone actually picking up a great hand cause they know you’ll prolly shove with anything… Yes , its still a risk , you might still have a monster, but thier odds are better than normal you don’t. Its actually a courtesy of sorts, but a pain none-theless. The table plays “smart bingo” against this player and soon enuff they get busted out.

You then say but this is exploitable, again you have no guarentee they don’t have a good hand so maybee you wait a couple hands of thier all ins ( in a row ) before you take that shot. If they continually go all in like that, odds are they aren’t lie’n or exploiting “leaving”.

What this also boils down to Miri, is ppl get frustrated by the format “No-Limit”. It is as simple as that, because we all have to learn how to deal with players that don’t seem to play the strategies we want them to play. Its just a fact of life. The life of poker.

Our loyal forum followers remember me writing a post about unlim rebuy MTTs. People still to this day Miri say that no-strategy can’t be a strategy… and they are wrong. People also tell me my HiLo strategy is no strategy, even tho its a PLO strategy modified for HiLo. Miri, I also get frustrated at other ppl’s play, but then I have to remind myself… I must adapt to them, not the other way around.

Ohh and Miri, no matter what someone says in the chatbox, it might be a complete lie… No matter what it is, but that doesn’t make it a form of cheating. Would you rather them say " I have a really crappy hand ", then go all in… instead of " I gotta leave ", then go all in ???



Sarah, first of all, I’d like to specify that I NEVER feel frustrated. LOL I’ve won so many tournaments during my time here, I don’t care a fig if once in a while I’m eliminated, because I called an all-in pre-flop and lost. My risk. This is not the point, you do realise it, don’t you?
The rules might be different at Replay (are they really??), but I played almost 5 years at a paying site, and I know for sure that it was strictly forbidden to talk in the chat about the current hand. Statements like “Don’t call, I’ve trips”, “I knew I wouldn’t hit anything”, “Be careful, I’ve AA in my hand” and such, true or untrue, were not allowed, or there would have been consequences. They went so far that for a better control, only English was allowed at the tables.
I repeat once again (3rd time??) that I have nothing against the format NL, that I accept philosophically players who go all-in pre-flop at every hand, because it is their absolute right, but I despise profoundly every form of deception. No matter if we are playing poker at a free site or at a paying site. I like to play with fair and respectful players. Always.
And pretending to be in a rush and to go all-in with bad cards to urge other players to call, IS a deception. The worst thing is, that seems to be the new fashion, because lately I’ve often seen such a dubious “strategy”.
My standard comment in such cases is: “If you have to go, please do simply leave the table, do not spoil the game of the others”. If they are serious players, and they really have to go, they leave immediately, if they are “morons” (at least in my eyes), they stay and at a certain point, they start playing normally.
If this is allowed at Replay, so be it, I have absolutely nothing to object, and nothing more to add. That won’t change my opinion, though. :slight_smile:


You know I know what you mean, I guess I’ve been on every side of this at some point or the other. I will say, that in a MTT… I’d certainly rather ruffle a few feathers to dump my stack back into the pool, rather than to leave and take a top spot away while being grey’d out for the last 45 minutes of the MTT.

You say a paying site, so I can only assume it was for real $$$ ?? Even @ fulltilt for real $, more than english was allowed if I remember correctly, maybee not. There are grey areas tho that I have seen allowed elsewhere, like if you go all in and announce you have AA…but surely you can’t have folded, then announce in the middle of the hand you have AA… As for legal tabletalk to be a deception, well yea duhhh it can be… just look @ the source, hahahahaha. Its kinda like you can’t be troll’d/bull’d if you don’t let yourself be.

You do understand Miri, that poker is @ its very heart, a game of deception. Whether its a “sigh” or a “eyeroll” at a live table, or a wayward comment or outright lie in a chatbox… so YES, even if I agree its a deception, don’t fall for it !!! Yes, I get your point, I kinda agree with parts of it to a point, I just try and not let it adversely effect my judgement or gameplay. ( I’m not always sucessfull, either )


We can solve this quicker tho, ohhhhhh … @Chasetheriver , can you please comment.

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Rob ??? Please ??? lol.

Message sent.


It is hard for any poker site to moderate this behaviour, online or live. This speech play is known as coffee housing and when it is not a genuine chatty player who is late for an appointment, is performed by three broad groups

  1. Newbies who might come up with the idea themselves or copy what they have seen in a western. They don’t realise it is bad etiquette in a real game.
  2. Trolls who know its angle-shooting but they like to get a reaction, win or lose.
  3. Mercenary pros who think its part of the psychology of their poker arsenal and employ it clinically against players they sense are tilted easily.

My advice is ‘Trick me once, but I wont let you trick me twice’

Make a note, mental or physical and use it against them if/when they try it again.



Thank you Rob.

Thank you for your response, Rob.
They have never tricked me, personally. I have seen them much too often in all the years I have played poker online. At the most, I might think, oh dear, here we are again, the kindergarten table, but I keep on playing according to my cards and to my mood.
I can imagine it is impossible to moderate such behaviour, and I wouldn’t want it either, as I would never report such players. I simply wanted to write publicly about this infantile and VERY silly trick which I have often observed here around.
Actually I expected only confirmations of my negative impression, and some remarks in this context were… how can I put it? … surprising. :slight_smile:



AND :star_struck:__RELISHES PAYBACKS:rofl:

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“…I despise profoundly every form of deception.” Poker is all about deception. Slow-playing a monster is deception as surely as table talk. Good players are MUCH more likely to bluff weakness when they are strong than they are to bluff strength when they are weak because good players are less likely to enter the hand with poor cards. All the forms of bingo play are long run losers in my opinion. But the only workable strategy I’ve seen is to become a sniper hiding behind the rocks waiting to pick them off. Sometimes, you still get counter-sniped, but if you can bust the all-in better a few times, they’ll usually go off in search of easier prey. Good luck in the games.


Well said my friend :+1:t2:

Alan, your philosophical considerations about the game of poker made me laugh, because it seems I wrote so many posts for nothing. LOL
How CAN you compare the situation I described (tell me please you haven’t read my entire posts, it would be less depressing LOL) with the tactics or methods or strategies all poker players use to win?
There are strict rules of conduct at every poker table, live or online, and they forbid the players to say anything that may affect other players’ actions.
At NO serious poker table you would see players say: “Don’t call, I have AA” or “Sigh, I have hit on nothing, as always”, or “I have to go, call my all-in, I have such bad cards”. Those were EVIDENTLY the “deceptions” I was referring to,
Actually it should have been absolutely clear, but maybe the tables you use to attend have different rules.

I think the problem is that some people have never played at a casino or live table. Their only experience has been the online version where the rules are only moderately enforced. They get lulled into believing that this online game is just like live poker where you can basically say what you want and when you want, only to be corrected or reprimanded later. Its not like that live, action is swift and clear. They dont have an eject button here so to speak. The tricks you speak of are annoying and in bad sportsmanship but hey, its the internet. I love the posts you make and completely understand your point but believe its unenforceable here without a monitor with a universal eject button on every table. Just callem donks or whatever name that inches up to the line here and grab a cup of coffee, chances are they will be out before you return. Cheers and keep fightin the good fight.:star_struck:

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Im not getting involved in this one lol

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