Slow play

is there any way to get more tables with less time on the clock? nothing is more insane than having one or more players taking as much time as they can , and then checking or calling.EVERY TIME it comes to them. let the players that wish to play at a faster pace choose.

I would not object to this idea.

If I am in a MTT and I have a big lead I will extend the clock to the end and I also notice that the short stack players bet instantly, me trying to get the BB raised and the short stack players trying to win at the lower BBs. Other slow players, I believe, are truly deliberating all possible actions.

Good fast players would prey upon the bad speed demons, and it may send the speeders right back where they came from.

I am all for trying a serious of Indianapolis 500 MTTs, one or two a day. I could see where it could become very popular.


There’s a lot of data to digest if you want to play the game well, and this takes time. I think the clocks should be extended, not reduced.

Having said that. I should add that it’s not every hand which requires a lot of thought, but there are situations where time is required in order to make the correct decision. Keep in mind too that once you have made your decision, you still have to enter your bet or raise, which takes additional time. I can’t count the number of times I have had hands folded while I was trying to enter a bet amount.

What bothers me is when someone takes max time every hand because they are playing multiple tables. I don’t have a problem with multi table play in general, and have no problem with people taking time to make a tough decision, but when I have to wait until they make a decision on another table, well, that’s different.


what data are you digesting preflop with only two cards in your hand? its only two choices, play or fold.this should not take more than 8 seconds to make up your mind


I mostly play MTTs. so the data includes: my table image, your observed betting tendencies to date, your approximate starting range from that particular position, my hand strength relative to your probable range, my position, relative stack sizes, stack sizes relative to the average stack, current blind level, closeness to the various bubbles, your hand timing, best course of action for that particular hand, betting or raising the correct amount to accomplish a given goal, how I will play or not play post flop, and so on.

I guess I could just glance at my cards and say, “OMG, I have ace 6 SUITED!!! Ailin !!! Weeeeee!,” But where’s the fun in that?

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t say there’s a lot of data to digest preflop, I was talking about play in general, including post flop.

It gets a little more complicated post flop.

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( sometimes while on 2 tables I don’t switch till I hear the ding, because I didn’t know it was already my turn there, sry SunPowerGuru )

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Slow players are often playing two hands. I do not see the need to allow this. A live game with real players would be much slower. Someone who plays two hands can be very selective preflop but if he/she has two good pre-flops at the same time, they get very slow. If you indicated players who were playing more than one hand, I would avoid them and/or respond to their bets differently.

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so in a cash game in a real casino they dont allow more than 30 seconds for a player to make a play? i understand the complaint about playing more than one table…it shouldnt be allowed in my in opion, but if thats not case, and it mostly isnt then the most you should be waiting is 30 seconds…not mention it seems to piss people off and then they play like morons. which is usually good for the better player…real easy strategy to get other peoples chips if you let it bother you…also u can click the person profile and see if they are playin 2 tables i usually leave if they are.

Sir, (lol)

 u nvr cud spel, But you are improving only ONE ERROR in this missive of yours... :>)))

 (That being said, of course, with maximum love - lol...)

I, too, am a clock-killer when it is appropriate, AND I believe if something is possible to do (Like, “Killing Clock”) it is by definition Legal to do…

I have always wanted to get a discussion going on the subject of “Clock Killing”,
procrastinator that I am, though, I never got around to it, so thanks much for bringing it up…

I use it mostly in the first segment of a ‘500+R tourney’ once I have a decent stack to take
into the ‘real’ tournament…

And, I recommend it…




Well said, dude…


Nice to know that even though this is all for ‘funsies’ one can play “real” poker,
to a degree, at least,…


I know I enjoy the game a lot more when I encounter thoughtful opponents…




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If there are any ways to upset, irritate, psych OUT players at the table, I AM FOR IT.

And I do not mean this to be impudent, in-your-face, or just plain testy, I mean to emphasize I believe that that just about anything goes while in play, aside from crudity, and that if wins your hand, then so be it.

Remember that there are few (if any) in online poker and in MHO, patience trumps luck.

So shuffle up and deal and take however long it takes you to hand over your chips.

Meant to say, "that there are few (if any) “tells” in online poker…sorry that important word was left out.

You can go back and edit the message directly - still can, I believe…

When I saw that you had written this:

"Tried to. Gave up. But thanks for your intent to assist."

I decided to go see if I could ‘edit’ something I wrote, and this is it - although you might not see ‘adding’ to a note as the same as ‘editing’ it I think it works either way… It worked here…


Tried to. Gave up. But thanks for your intent to assist.

Playing more than one table seems to me akin to the cig smoking granny with knee high nylons and a dab stick with ten bingo cards spread out in front of her like old sampler she’s been toiling over for eight months. Don’t much like those who play multiple tables. I too go elsewhere. This was a nagging prob at PokerScars. You can’t play more than one table at a time in the casino so… why online?

I don’t play slow and I often play two tables. If slow play bothers you then two tables is just the thing for I rarely am bother by slow play when playing two tables.

hey hey :slight_smile: i think if you are paying attention to your hand and the possible hands of those around you , then you should not be running out the clock every time it is your turn to call etc… it is irritating… it is not about wanting to be fast - just don’t drag out the time excessively… in tournaments , it is good to go a little faster in order to make the most of the smaller blinds , antes etc… if you are on a slow table , you do not have the potential to build the needed stash to get you through the higher cost of play… a truly thoughtful player will not go too fast OR too slow :slight_smile: if someone is new to poker then it is understandable if they take a little time but most ppl do so in order to be annoying or pysch ppl out etc… ( in my experience anyway :slight_smile: ) if you are playing on more than one table , keep up or drop one of your tables… also… know the ranking hands - some ppl do not seem to understand the basics at times and get hostile for no valid reason… at any rate , i think this is a good site :slight_smile: and if i do not like attitude etc… on one table , there are plenty of others :slight_smile: good luck to all and play well :slight_smile:

I want a time bank. Total response time would be less and the game would be faster. The biggest slowdown in games is caused by a few players that always use all their clock/and or playing many tables.


I have noticed right early, on this site, poker is played much slower, than I was used to .all of the sites I was on before here, IT WAS NORMAL TO PLAY A MINIMUM OF 100 HANDS AN HOUR, {they were all real money sites} .I had to adjust my patience level .after a year or so, it is not so annoying .