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Hi All,

I saw a post in the forums in regards to raising the time limit:

However, I was thinking about the possibility of having some No-Limit games (I play No-Limit Hold’em myself) with no time limit on hand decisions.

I know this can make decisions last a long time, but I thought some people might like this format of a game especially if they like to take time in deciding what play to make.

I wanted to bring up this possibility as a feature after experiencing a scenario where I lost a flush hand all because I didn’t type in my bet fast enough. I’m sure there are many others who have experienced this pain point with hands potentially better than a flush and it can be really frustrating.


Hi Frank,

I think you have just made an excellent suggestion. Those of us who come from card room live play backgrounds are certainly not used to playing against a clock. I would play in games like you mentioned, Not sure if there are enough at any certain time to make the game(s) go or not. Maybe if it were a game with a 40 second timer in holdem and a minute timer in Omaha Hi/Lo. I know a lot of the players would not like these tourneys as the are used to playing very quickly and tend to lose patience with a slower play. But if there are enough that would like it, it would be a benefit. I will bring it up at the meeting tomorrow.




Hi Seville,

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate you bringing this up in the meeting. I personally like the slower paced games as it allows me to better think about my hand. I’m usually thinking about what I want to bet in regards to the action that’s already taken place at the table, where I’m positioned in the current hand, whether I’m one of the blinds or not and determining what I think a player might have in comparison to my hand all factor into my decisions. Granted as you mentioned, many people I’m sure are a fan of playing quickly. Although, I think there could be a good turn out of people who would like a no time limit option for playing their hands because it adds I think another layer of realism to the game.

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maybe u2 should read “lets talk MTT timers”

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Hi Frank,

I wouldn’t mind trying this out on a few ring game tables and in a few tournaments. I think it’s a good idea to test out. Sometimes when I’m playing the clock is fast and I can’t type in the proper bet I want to make.

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Typing in my proper bet is usually where I run into the issue the most.

you can’t do no time limit, cause you can’t tell if someone walks away during a hand.
thats only possible live.


Well I know it’s been discussed in other threads but this is where a time bank would really help and be beneficial.

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That’s a fair point, but maybe to increase the time (to compensate for someone walking away from the hand), an alert box asks if you need more time on your decision and if no answer is given, then the hand will fold. The timer would essentially be set for the “need more time” alert rather than say the player is present and they’re thinking about their decision. If they’re thinking about their decision and they haven’t walked away, then they’ll click the “need more time” button in the alert.

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In general I’m in favor of shorter timers not longer, but better implemented… then +LTD bank.
Personally if I have unlim time, then it better not beep @ me every 5 minutes…
Online poker is more slanted to hands/hr… plus, only can work in Ring…

Players should have the time when they need it, otherwise keep pace moving.

Greetings Frank
You & Seville are absolutely right ! I know of other sites where this is exactly what they do. They have a regular speed which is more for developing players and a turbo class of tournaments and ring games. It is absolutely for everyone’s benefit, especially Replay. It’s all part of becoming a more welcoming site for beginners. That I’m all for and I would spend time there to help the newbies along.
I still remember to this day Amarillo Slim sitting down at a $5 & $10 game with a bunch of the employees and playing for about 2 hours at the table answering questions, sharing stories, Sharing some of his insights of poker… This was after playing most of the day for about 10 hours. That was one of earliest memorable moments in my casino career. I always wanted to be just like that and all the others who’ve done the same in this business. To think we have the opportunity to help other young players create some of their most memorable moments. That’s a big deal in my life… To me, that is absolutely joyful to share with another young player/ human being… And so far, I’ve run into an inordinate amount of similar minded people here at Replay… Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

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I understand where you’re coming from. I would assume a large group of people like more hands per hour which is understandable. However, for me, I prefer longer times as I want to simulate the real thing (that’s just me). I want to be able to work on my skill so I’m better prepared as a live player. Again, this isn’t for everyone, but I do feel Relay Poker could make this option available to those who’d like it, if there’s enough interest. It really all depends what you want to get out of Relay Poker and how it fits your playing style (which there are a ton of).

Hi Rail-Bird,

I really enjoyed reading what you have to write and thanks for taking the time to share that story. I agree with you. I like that there are poker sites available to help beginners. I, by no means consider myself a professional, but I definitely enjoy a professional vibe to the game. Watching great players like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu are two individuals who I try to learn from to improve myself as a player at my skill level.

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[quote=“frankangelone, post:12, topic:6804”]
I want to be able to work on my skill so I’m better prepared as a live player
[/quote]Then Frank, you need a real cash site, not a free chips site…

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I mean don’t get me worng, playing a thousand hands might help, but free chip online poker is far away from live poker…you might even get a few bad habits along the way.

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Some want the clock faster because of players dragging out decisions, now some want to eliminate the clock…methinks some would complain if they were hung with a new rope…

I would be against eliminating the clock entirely. As Sassy said, that will not work. But would like the slower timer as I mentioned earlier.
It is NOT just for the purpose of those hands where me need a little more time. I miss the table talk here that goes on in live play. Here, I do not have time to chat with some of the players, new friends during the game. I would like to see some tournaments with the slower timer just for the social aspects. Its kind of fun getting to personally know a llttle more about some of the people you play with a lot in here.

the problem is Seville, the ppl that waste the clock for no damn good reason, ruin it for ppl like you

Nawwww Sassy, that wouldn bother me, I would just spend the time telling you a joke or asking you about how things are going for you in general. Their wouldn’t bother me much. But, I can certainly understand how it would bother used to playing here all the time and especially if they only play the faster timer. I am used to a tournament with 150 players in it going on for 7-8 hours if I am in all the way. Here we do that in an hour - and hour and a half. I am pretty relaxed at the table.

I think most of the players here at replay are used to the timers and probably prefer it. Especially if they are busy and want to play a tournament but not spend a long time doing it. So if a few slower tourneys existed , maybe they would go, maybe not, but why not give it a try for one or two.