Site freezing regularly

Well, I just played the 1st game (using Google Chrome) of Oceanic tonight and was frozen EVERY hand in the first ten minutes of the game and had to hit “Play Now” everyhand to get back in the game because it sat me out. I have now downloaded “Brave” and we’ll see how that goes. I hope it works. FYI, Replay had me send Specs and Diagnostics about my computer and that didn’t do any good. This all started happening when replay rolled out the new look and format. Fingers crossed the the Brave Browser helps. Thank you for responding Litenin!


I just played the second game of Oceanic using the “Brave” browser and I did not get sat out once and no freezing. WOW! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you for the recommendation and I hope this is the solution! If so, you need to move into IT with Replay!

I truly appreciate you!!! Thank you,Thank you!!!



Very happy to hear you had no issues Mojo. I guess only time & usage, will tell if Brave continues to help with the problem. Have fun & GL at the tables.

It is nuts, i AGAIN, got frozen with a good hand but it is like EVERY 5 minutes something and it seems WAY worse at tournaments…When i am in a tournament and go to lobby to look at a player’s profile, sign into other games etc. and come back to my game i am frozen out 75% of the time now…Semms like getting worse, not better.

Bill and Sue, if you are still having problems please send screen shots and tournament details to It seems Mojo has found a solution by trying Brave, as recommended by Tiandra, so perhaps that is an idea?


Hi Mojo,
May I ask, are you still having good results with the Brave browser?

Thanks, Litenin

I was more just getting click lag with the occasional freeze (most always on the only real monster hand all night) So checked into Brave, Same guys who developed Friefox when at Mozilla built Brave, The rewards thing a bit iffy (might be selling your data cheap) but don’t have to join in so NP, Same look as Chrome, bookmarks Ect was a easy transfer.
Only tried it in one tourney with no problems (except my cards) but love it for youtube NO adds ever :smiley:
Good find Lite Thank You mf

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I have tried Brave twice. Seemed to fix my lobby locking issue, for a while, but after each occasion my security system popped up a malware warning. Holding off for now.

Tried Brave and seemed to help but only use for Replay as the news section is funky. Not using rewards or anything else till proven safe. Faster than microsoft
edge tho.

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Hello Replay: I just got on about 20 minutes ago. Did a few things here and all was fine. Then I went to register for the Royal Heaven tournament. That alone took awhile. The freezing started right away. Then I get to a table and these are the hands I attempted to play but I was refused. I was sat out part of or all of the hand. I had AA…KK…AQ…AK but they all lost. Because I couldn’t play.
974527350 974526848 974526359 974525963 974525653
974525578 974525223 974524845 974524526 I try to bet and it freezes, then a wait sign pops up and then I can play unless it wants to do it again. I am using Edge because it was suggested instead of google. As you can see I am out already which is fine because no one can play like that. I am trying to be as specific as one can be to show you the seriousness of this. Thanks in advance for fixing this problem Please!!! As always no issues in the forum. Does that tell you anything? I hope so.It all started in the lobby.

Thought you were gonna give Brave browser a try?

Mojo switched to this browser and this is what she posted

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I asked my husband about it and found out he had used it, but not much because it is slow. I will give it a try. I don’t understand though why Replay can work so well in a certain browser and none of the others. I had never heard of it until now. Do replay and brave work together? Do you know why the lobby and certain games freeze up, but the forum works well? Just trying to learn from all of this. Thanks Tiandra.

Sorry don’t know about that .

I know Replay and the forum are two different programmes

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I don’t think we should have to do this. Btw, I have never heard of this Browser until a few days ago which was on this Forum.


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Sue, Brave does not allow any cookies. Only a theory but there could be some malicious cookies that are causing the problem. So if you don’t allow any cookies, trackers & ads, you won’t have the issue. If this proves to be the case I’m sure the info will assist the Tech Team.

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This is happening to me A LOT esp in League tourneys. I think it is MS Edge that is messing it up for me but I cannot get Edge OFF my laptop Lord knows I have tried.

Still have edge, just installed Brave and use for Replay only with no issues 3 days now. Does show blocking 7 malicious cookies when using so that is good.


Can someone notify or send this post to Support? I would but I don’t know how. Sounds like Replay programming is creating at least 7 malicious cookies whatever that means and they are affecting both the Edge and Chrome Browsers.

Thank you in advance.

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I testet Brave short on linux and saw this:


On Lobby it blocked 12 trackers,…
If i open a table window it blocks there 6 again.

Embarrassing but i am awww computer illiterate but wife great with them. When wife gets home from work today i will ask her how to change and aww take a sreeen shot. TY