Game Freeze

Annoying this morning. Updates happening?

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Winter is here again. The big freeze is happening at this very moment.

What would be normal Replay procedure if there is no restart. Only 4 left in the game and been frozen for over 30 minutes. Blinds keep going up as well.

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Been frozen for over an hour. What happens with Prize Money and LB Points.

Happened multiple times in both my tourneys that caused me to lose chips a couple times. Frustrating.

Game showing as Still Running. Been frozen over an hour and half now. Blinds at 15k/30k. lmao

Let’s hope this is just a temporary fault. Which tournaments/games are affected for you guys?

Just now closed the table. lol

Was playing Oceanic Wave.

low stakes for me …are they ever going to solve this problem???

Hi all - very sorry for the interruption to your games! Google had some issues in the region we use beginning at 3:31am EDT. This should be cleared up now, and we’ve refunded affected tournaments. Please contact if you still need any assistance. Thank you!


it sucks for ring game players

I just got frozen out slow playing quads on my river bet - grrrr

hate posting on this awful forum but the last few games have not been able to see all the hold cards - tried rebooting but no help - is it my firewall / shared problem by others or just pathetic software - Thanks

Hi @Redcloud203,

I was able to confirm that we don’t have site-wide issues today. You can click HERE for the troubleshooting steps we recommend if you’re still having issues.

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Thank . you for your prompt response . I have reviewed and carried out the suggested troubleshooting steps and pleased to report no issues in the latest game I have played - first time today - hopefully this remains the case . TY again


Thanks for the update, @Redcloud203. That’s great to hear. :slight_smile:

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