Problems with servers today

Hi Replay,

Today there seem to have been a lot of issues with replay. The MTTs are all cancelled and the ring games and SnGs have unplayable lag. When everyone registered to a 2K turbo game, the actual game didn’t start for about 10 mins, by which time I had to stop playing poker and do something else. In the end I came back to the game (which still hadn’t finished because everyone had given up on trying to actually play) and won the game after a few agonisingly slow blind steals. The prize was never given to my account, and I didn’t even get refunded for the entry fee. I know its a bit pathetic at such low stakes, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one with these problems and the whole thing has been a tremendous waste of time, so would like to be given the prize money, and the problems need to be fixed as soon as possible.


(The tourney is still shown as running, and I only have 1,180 of the total 1,500, but somehow nobody else has any chips and t already said I won the tourney)

I had the same problem and not a word from the moderators. Lost my buy in and no prize money for winning.

Works fine in ring games for me for the last hour or so.

Oh yeah, there were unquestionably huge lag problems with Replay (as of early AM Pacific Standard Time). Not internet lag, but system lag. I experienced this across multiple tables playing ring Holdem games. After the showdown it would take a full minute before player’s totals updated, and then another minute until the next hand was dealt. This went on from at least 2 - 3 AM PST.

Thanks for the replies. I’m not sure if it was the moderators or just the game finally realized that I won, but the winning chips were eventually refunded. Just hope problems like this don’t happen again and that the moderators know about these issues so they can be solved. Lost the chips again in the end though :wink:

Had this problem 1st time in all the time ive been here and can tell you seen more breakdowns more often than most sites…overall the server has been excellent and everything is glued on perfectly…minor lags and system failure happens even in NASA and i saw this problem just once in almost 8/9 months.Think the back end doing an excellent job.cmon guys it was not even on for 24 hours sure you can live with it and for those who think they have been robbed of chips just need to write in and ask for a retro credit and surely they would gladly do so.