Sit and Go Tournaments, please comment

I love to play tournaments and in the past have really enjoyed the 'sit and go’s. Though I’ve been playing here for a while now, and really enjoy it, I’m disappointed at the lack of action at the sit and go tournaments. I’m posting publicly because I believe there are players who may have good ideas on how to change that. So please comment. Some thoughts I had were: 1. Change the ‘turbo tourneys’ so that the word ‘turbo’ reflects the speed of play, ie. fast or superfast (10 sec or less), instead of the speed at which the blinds increase. Increase the blinds at average speed (count by number of hands played, not with the time clock). 2. Don’t offer as many choices. Continue to offer the different styles of play (NL, Royal, etc.) but only offer:

  • a standard amount of chips for play, say


*only 4 or 5 buy-in amounts, say 500,

1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000.

*don’t offer extras and options. ie. no

chat… just a thought :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

*Don’t show over a players name what

move they are making… check, fold etc.

it’s a time waster. 3. Find a way to simplify and have only one lobby for all people on ‘sit and go’ waiting lists. Find a way to show people looking at multi-table tournaments and waiting up to an hour at times for a tournament, exactly what the lobby of waiting list is like for ‘sit and go’. Perhaps they will ‘play while they wait’. 3b. For each game on offer, ie. NL holdem at 5,000 buy-in, create a continual list. So for instance if six players are playing, there is a provision for players waiting, to ‘register’ for the next available table. Allow for as many players as want to join, like 30 or more if you start to get those numbers of people. Create the tables as they are needed. It’s likely there will be hardly any waiting during the wee hours and many at peak playing time. The list is really only for the overflow, if you can’t create the tables fast enough. 3c. Allow players on the list to also view the lists of players at tables which are running. When players can see all other players at a glance they spot players they enjoy playing, encouraging them to join. In a nutshell, I think the faster the gameplay and the quicker people can get onto tables to play, the more popular ‘sit and go tourneys’ will become. Objective… FFF… Fast Furious Fun! In the past I’ve watched players ‘loop’ the lists 'cos they are so much fun. (loop=join the list again as soon as you finish a tourney) I have a feeling that if these things are offered (an immediate and fast game at various buy-ins) it will attract many new players to the site, which in turn makes the sit and go better, attracts even more players, and so on. Please comment, bash my ideas, give better ones! Seeing the ‘sit and go tourneys’ up and running would be the cherry on the cake… I love this site. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi ucket.

Thanks for your idea;s and suggestions, really great. Personal i like to play them (9 seated SnG) too. Especially if you do not have much time

Love the idea of 1 main lobby for all SnG’s, with the possiblity to swich from main lobby to your own SnG lobby.

And to make it more simple.

A lot of players love to play the SnG. So come on, lets work it out. Maybe there are more suggestions to work this idea out.

Greetings Happiness.

You gonna hear more about it ucket, thanks!!

Love SnG;s but not gonna wait an hour or more for 6 (SIX) people to join !!! I have more important things to do!!! BUT if they filled fast I would be there and join the next - can’t just sit all day for someone to decide to play!!! I agree with ucket!!! I Love RePlay Poker, but play more at Poker stars cause they fill up 6 player tables in less than a minute!! Sorry!!! Can;t play here go somewhere I can!!!

Thats why ucket wrote this topic.

A lot of players love to play the SnG, But you have to wait long, toooo long for it starts. We do not know why players not register, if more players register, it goes faster. If it goes faster more players will register.

Tell your idea’s so that players register faster and more often.

Thanks Happiness :D. You know I really like the ‘home page’ we have on this site, perhaps it could be utilized in some way to encourage more players at the sit and go tourneys. Or a ‘sit and go lobby’ button on EVERY page that players have up. You know… ‘in your face’ for a while 'til it picks up. LadyNorange, I hear you. Don’t blame you for going elsewhere… sit and gos are known for filling fast, but not here… YET! lol. Perhaps some streamlining of sit and go. I’ve noticed on other sites that it is the sit and go which pulls in players and boosts the numbers, so I feel that once this is focused on more it will be the key to promoting this site to a larger audience. PS. Happiness, tables of 9 at sit and go are my absolute favorite! :slight_smile:

Was 9 seated before, was my idea to make them 6 to order to fill them up faster. Its work a little bit. I use to sign up only for fill up thet rooms quickly . When more popular, will be 9 seated again .

Some idea floating around to make sng more popular and fill it up faster. Whatever RP will do, its bigger impact if users sign up more often and wait . You can go and play regular rooms in the waiting time. Ask others to join.

Point 3 ucket , it is a lobby for sng only.

May a good idea to link in to rooms the open sng. Example, under “join waiting list” in the rooms?

I think part of the problem is that Replay has the tournaments set up like sit n go tables. Tournaments you should have to play until the tournament breaks, no sitting out while the game is in session. As it is now you can set out. on a sit n go table you can sit out any time, henceforth sit n go. As far as waiting for the table to fill you can always play ring game until sit n go fills up

My understanding of a sit and go is just another tournament with less people. Maybe I am not clear on the idea. I also think that the wording “sit and go” means exactly that, and from my experience this is just another tourny. I don’t get it. You can sit out if you choose in a regular tourny too. Right? Maybe re-word it. Just a suggestion.

offer software for ppl to download as an option for high quality

Yes Gopo, ‘sit and go’ (sag) is another tournament with less people… always just one table. :slight_smile: On other sites played in the past, their ‘sag’ tables and waiting lists would fill very quickly, however they had thousands of players at any given time and at times 100 or more on waiting lists. The tournaments here are great, love them. I have looked at the way the sags are set up here and actually I don’t think there is anything wrong. Thought maybe other players would offer suggestions, but ultimately I just wanted to open some dialogue on the subject. I love this site and refuse to play on any other, however I don’t go for ‘ring’ tables much, just a preference. I guess the only answer is to attract more players and I know Replay has big future plans in place for that. And as for the players that are here, I’ve NEVER played with nicer people, what a privilege, it makes it so much nicer. It is unique to this site I think, and perhaps the way it is set up that encourages that. So in the meantime, I’ll only play here at Replay, with all you good people and wait for all the other poker players out there to ‘get a clue’ and join us! See you at the tournaments

PS I must say though, sorry srz, I definitely do NOT want to have to download software. Being able to play in my browser was the main reason I joined the site.

sags and tournaments are not the same. i think u should have too post blinds and ante"s manually.

We (the scheduling team, Punisher and i) started with some changes. We made ​​it easier and simpler and offer less SnG’s.

Now we only offer 8 Sit & Go Tourney’s:

Heads Up, buy-in 5k and 10k Short Handed (6 seats) buy-in 1k and 5k SnG 9 seated 1k and 3k SnG Bounty (20%) 10 seated buy-in 2k and 4k ***** NEW

Soon the Sit & Go tourney’s are gone from the low and medium lobby. Just open the Sit & Go page/lobby …

… and register for the SnG you like to play, in the mean time you can play ring game tables.

If you want to play SnG’s, just register and do not wait untill it is nearly filled up. ReplayPoker can do a lot, but if players not register the SnG’s will never run.

Good luck Punisher and Happiness.

i love to play but for three days i have been losing chips because i register for a game and it takes my chips but then the game does not load. tell me how to fix this please.

Hi ucket and SnG players

I think the SnG’s on your dashboard helps to make them go. Check out the new site.

New ReplayPoker Website (Launches in Beta!)

Paul Gould (Official Rep) 10 hours ago

We’re super excited to unveil the brand new ReplayPoker website for beta testing! You can head over now and try it for yourself:

This month ReplayPoker started with the monthly leaderboards for SnG and Multi Table Tournaments. Top 25 players shows on the leaderboard and top 18 wins prices each month. You find all info on the Promotion page…

Good luck and havr fun:)