Penalize late tournament players

We are still having problems with people joining sit n go tournaments then,sitting out for the majority of the game. I have an idea to share. How about charging the big blind every hand after the 3rd continuous hand is not played until the player either,returns to the table or loses all thier chips. I love this site and have met some wonderful people here. I’m one of the few that want to keep this site as user friendly as possible. It’s just frustrating when people join a tournament then come in to play 3/4 of the way through it. I have even seen some win after doing this.Way I see it if they are going to enter the tournament,they should play it…The whole thing as most of us do! Ty…

I think they punished inaf to loose the blinds anyway. For now: the sit and go-s not so popular, Most users dont know how this work… The popularity of sit and go-s increasing now .

Maybe if the popularity reach a certain level, this problem of yours fade away, as rooms fill up faster, so wait time will be less, equal to less player miss it.

There are times when I try to join my sit n go table but can’t conn. so why should I get penalized ? I know others have had the same happen to them.

what about thunderstorms, slow connections, or internet problems?

play poker dude

I myself would rather play tournaments than tables where players can far as slow connections,thunderstorms and internet problems…Sorry but,they are not that common to happen as much as it does!

Has also happened to me once or twice and I expect to be penalized for it also.It comes down to eliminating the players that take advantage of the option of sitting out only paying the blinds as they come to them.It’s not fair to the rest on the table…

Play poker dude?? What is meant by this???

calm down please .

If you got problem, look up the lobby, try reopen the room from there, thets may help.

AND please report problems, with detailed info, like tour time/name.

If any bug, we need thet to find it. TX

Just PLAY and Be HAPPY. Life is to short to worry about the little things :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’ve had problems connecting to the poker client to play. A combination of issues with the flash client and connectivity problems can lead to unexpected problems. Unfortunately whilst we can’t do anything about internet connections, we can improve our flash client and that’s why we’re considering switching to an html5 client that would also have the benefit of working on iPhone and iPad. Stay tuned for more updates.

I have missed a sit and go myself acidently. if i dont show i already paid the entry right. if i show up late i dont want to be penalized. that would be like being penalized for foldng. it makes me mad too like you say when they show up at the end and win. just play your best game, and fold sometimes if your not blinded in even if you are

maybe we should penalize bad idea :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic has been beat to death, and RP as made the proper adjustments by changing the away players seat color so the other players can tell he is not there and and can’t win a showdown.

So, if a player can not beat another player that is not at the table, then who is at fault?

RP has done their due diligence here.

I agree with you space i have been in tournament and lost power from thunder storms, i wanted to play but was unable to , don;t think its fair to be punished when it power or internet