Ideas to maybe help

  1. The lobby in ring games many times indicates, for example, 6/5, meaning that there are 5 players in a 6 man game. Most of the time when you enter that game it is full. Is there something I am missing?

  2. When in a game it should be identified somewhere on the playing page - like 25/50 hi/lo.

  3. It would be nice to have it easier to select an amount to bet. The slide bar is cumbersome and too sensitive so setting a particular amount is difficult.

Question: There seems to be very little interest in sit and go games - why?

I enjoy this site very much. Your competitor Poker Stars has some good ideas you could steal. Your site is better!!!

I don’t use the slide bar i type in the amount…works better for me. what are some of the good ideas at PS

GL at the tables

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Here’s hoping I help somewhat.

  1. The lobby pages are unfortunately well known to lag out and display incorrect numbers of participants sat at a table or in a tournament, it’s very often than you see maybe one or two seats free, go to click to Register and it’s already full. Not much you can do about that, it just happens unfortunately for most if not all of us.

  2. I’m not too sure what you mean there, but it’s displayed on the top of the game window or title bar (when not in full screen) on a browser, hope that’s what you meant.

  3. As Hobosoup mentioned, you can type in an amount. Some people say it doesn’t work properly, I’ve never used it to be honest.

By Sit and Go, you mean Ring games or Sit & Go tournaments? Try adjusting your Bet/Stakes options to see if you have everything that you want enabled, maybe some checkboxes aren’t selected.

I think I used to play on Pokerstars years ago but they did something to change their website and I didn’t like it, can’t specifically remember what it was. ReplayPoker is very easy to navigate for me, except for the lags here and there, it’s a good website.

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