Chip leaders sitting out until end of tournament

Quit letting players get a lead and then sit out until the end of the tournament, only to come back in. If a player begins in a tournament and sits out, for 20, 30 or ever more time, they should not be allowed back in. This is not allowed in any tournaments of REAL poker. Why here? They should be a 5 minute limit and only allowed once in a tournament. Having watched this happen, numerous times daily, there is a majority that is very unhappy with this behavior, both by the players and your program allowing this to occur

Sorry luke53, I know just how frustrating that must be. I’m afraid in online poker it’s a fact that you can do just that, there’s a long discussion about this topic… you’ll see players on both sides of the fence… let me find it for you.

Here it is: - worth a read.

i hate this too. this isn’t poker, this is a stake-out. play or go home, whats the deal?

suggestion, after 10, 15, 20 hands, start deducting a bb or sb from them each hand they don’t play. it’s a poker tourney not a waiting-you-out tourney. on one tourney i was at a table, and after a while all the waiters went missing (hopefully to a table of their own where they could all just out-wait each other… your idea?) great solution if it was!

its called gambling not waiting!

get in the game and engage, have fun, bet! don’t slop your way to the finals, its whimpy, gamble or go home