Sitting out time

Hi all I’ve played live over the yrs and here for a few yrs too intermittently and think it’s to do with the blinds for how long we get to sit out?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

heh… what… please explain what you mean. Expand please.

busted players should be moved after one round of play …no more busted out zombies taking up space!

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Hi @potqueen83,

Welcome to our Community Forums! For ring games, players get about six minutes of inactivity before the system drops them. When it comes to tournaments, if they don’t play a hand at all, their chips are removed at the end of blind level 2, 12 minutes from the start. System gives 30 minutes for bigger MTTs. Players who do not play any hands are picked up at the end of blind level 3, 30 minutes after the start.

We wrote an article about players who sit out during tournaments, please check it out.


Hi @chipsmama,
I have always wondered why a player can’t leave a tournament and forfeit the remaining chips to the house, if something came up and they would not be able to play the games. This has happened to me several times, ex: family member, neighbor comes over or Wife shouting, I need help NOW lol. I’d rather press a Leave Table/Tourney button, than sit out, until blinding out and annoying the other folks.


hi thanks for your reply. I re-read and feel it’s clear.

Thanks Chipsmama for you lovely welcome and response.
I know in live play it’s something to do with the blinds but can’t remember exactly.
Most live is similar to here on the internet play.

Quicky question? if that’s ok here. How do you know if it’s a ring game?

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Colby I think it’d depend on what sort of game it is.
IT’d be pretty average if people want to sit at one table and play for a while, bust and then have to start over at another table.

Maybe you could in suggestions ask if it’s possible for that to be a type of game they’d be interested in having. Others might feel as you do.

It’s not even close to a live game!

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I’m referring to ring games not tournys

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Thanks for the feedback @Litenin!

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You’re welcome @potqueen83! Ring game table is more like a cash game you’d join at a casino, you can join and leave at your leisure. If you have chips left, they will just get credited back to your account. These tables will be in your lobby under Ring Games tab.

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I’ve played live Craig as well as here. I think I know what you’re talking about.
I’m meaning which I might not have said the rules I think are the same as here over here.

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Thanks Chips. So is there any way of knowing with Icons if it’s a ring game.

I’m asking because sometimes that thingy :laughing: up top says you can only play that in ring games. The challenge thingy to win chips when you’ve gone through the levels.

Yip I don’t think I’d particularly like it that way. I mostly play ring games as in not tournys

Hi @potqueen83,

Playing in a tournament shows you a section on the lower right of the table that displays remaining number of players, next level and stacks. It will also have an extra tab called Info that you can click on below the table. There will usually be an endorsement tab as well, but I don’t have it in this screenshot since I’m not participating in this tournament.

When you’re in a Ring game, these two sections won’t be visible.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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@chipsmama Hey chips :slight_smile: Sorry this took an age to reply to.
Many thanks for your support and help.

From what I’ve sussed recently to go to a ring game the quickest ways from the Dashboard.
The lobby doesn’t have all ring games.

I like the extra chips feature by completing the list. Any chips are a good thing esp in the bad runs every bit helps lol

Another side ?. How long on average do tournys take. With some luck I’d be in the game a while :money_mouth_face: even if it isn’t real.

thanks for replies peeps :slight_smile:

Hi @chipsmama , The info box mentioned does no longer exist in tournament’s for some reason for me. Now, I have to leave chat & go to info tab in the chat box. I don’t know why it was removed but wish it could be reversed to show on the table again.

Thanks to you chipsmama and the support team for you’re help & excellent support for us all !!!

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My info box is dependent upon the size of the table. I usually shrink it to get rid of the info box.

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Hi @potqueen83,

I’m glad you’re participating in Missions! In terms of how long a tourney takes, it really depends. Bigger tourneys, especially the popular ones like Bust the Staff can take a few hours since there are hundreds of players. Some SnGs I’ve seen finished in about half an hour. It really depends the number of players and how they play.

So sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer!

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