Time Out Idle Players

Players who build up a stack in a tournament who then leave should be timed out at some point. 5 blinds perhaps. A guy in a 20k buyin got a stack and was idle for well over an hour and came in 5th… Doesn’t seem fair to those of us who played the whole game. Make it fair and reasonable, don’t wanna kick someone who’s in the bathroom for an hour, but some reasonable time!


I literally just made a post about this! It is very annoying. It is starting to be a bad habit. Some tables will have five people sitting out at once until the very end. They wait to come back to claim a top position.


I feel like people should be kicked out after sitting out of a number of hands. It’s turned into people just sitting out until they’re in the top five and then playing or never returning. It turns into other players having to play against themselves and dealing with endless folding. Some players spend an hour playing in tournaments for someone to come in at the end after sitting out all tournament. Sure, it is their money and time, and it could occur in a regular game, but when there are five absent players on a table, it’s pretty annoying. It isn’t really cheating, but very annoying.


I feel the same thing,not fun at all!! Worst for me it whas the forst then only two left,not fun to win like that!! Sometimes wde need to go out the game,bathroom etc but like say 20min you should be terminated!


I don’t see the problem. They can do the same thing by hitting the fold button each hand. One of the main stradgeis in poker is to get your opponent to fold. They are doing it for you. So just take their chips each hand and be glad they are still not in there winning your chips. I wish everyone would put dead money in the pot every hand. Whining about people donating chips to the pot seems truly weird to me.

Someone doing that is just using a strategy that they have available and makes good sense in some tournaments depending on the structure of the payout. With typical structured payout I love it when people leave the table and donate their chips to me for long periods of time.

Some people will complain about any and everything. Just enjoy the site and play your own hand and let others play their hands the way that suits them. That is the essence of poker and life.


Playing replay poker one month and complaining already.

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anger issues???

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been playing a long time, just a new account. But thanks for your concern.

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You have to play poorly to loose with 5 opponents automatically folding every hand. LOL Where do you find such lucky tables. I would love to get some of that action.

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yeah I think I agree with ya… These people don’t seem happy till they can complain about something… Hell its the players chips they can play them how they want…Ever been in a REAL poker room, Try finding someone to listen to that " their just putting money in the pot & not playing… Who cares, beside YOU??? Go find a book, read some David Sklansky, reading between the lines you might learn to stop distracting yourself, the only thing you need to be concerned about is how you play; the game, the table, your opponents, & the pot…