Single table sit & go's with a rolling waiting list

Whilst I really enjoy the multi-table sit & goes quite often I only have 30mins free time during the day to play so end up not being able to finish them (if I actually start getting anywhere). Unfortunatly the single sit & go tables are always empty… why can’t you have a waiting list for a rolling set of sit & go’s (maybe with different buy-ins for the chip poor players like me… & the wealthy ones) that could just run all day with added tables as demand dictates. I haven’t got time to sit around waiting for a sit & go table to fill up I just want to play! Unfortunatly the low limit ring games are so random at times its not worth playing them… either that or I’m still playing rubbish poker (probably true… but I’m learning!). Anyway great site & I really love it, the Multi table events are really enjoyable but don’t always have the time available to play the big ones :frowning: I’m sure if people thought that they wouldn’t have long to wait for a single table S & G they would be much more popular? Looking at a table of 7 empty seats with 1 player signed up doesn’t bode well for a quick start.

Thanks for the feedback CraftyCarper. SnGs really need a large player pool to work, because as you rightly mentioned the wait time for enough players to join can be a killer.

I’m interested in this idea of a rolling waiting list. Perhaps other players could chime in with their thoughts…