More customizable SnG choices?

I am a huge fan of PLO, and love to play SnGs. Unfortunately, the only 6max PLO sng is 30K. Which is a lot of chips for a lot of players. It’s hard to get action at these higher buyins.

Why not have a system where you can simply select game type, limit type, buyin, normal/turbo/hyper/etc.

Thanks for the tourney suggestion, I’ll run it past the scheduling team.

The ‘pick your own configuration’ idea is an interesting one. We were planning to do something similar, for private games/tourneys; but actually you could have temporary tables/tourneys that would be open to anyone. If some prove popular, they could then be turned into permanent ones.

Interesting, first i’ve looked how many PL Omaha SnG are played this year.
Pot Limit Omaha only 1 game 30K buy-in and only 1 game 200K buy-in.
Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, 10 games 5K buy-in, 4 games 20K buy-in and 1 game 50K buy-in.

More players asked for more pot limit games, but not often played.

I’m not sure there will be more PL games when players can create their own games (for now i can create a 5K buy-in PL Omaha SnG)

And i not know if many players would create a game if there is not a game open they like to play, now it is just easy to open the SnG you like and register when you are the first one. And i think there is a lot of choise (most players play the no limit games).

Feedback from other players about this idea is welcome as always! Would you create an own game or is registering in an existing SnG easier?

and granted, there isn’t a lot of action (that PLO 30K was mine), but I can usually sit at a table and wait while I play cash tables or tourneys. I think it would definitely need more community feedback though. I’m probably a very small minority.

Edit : A cool side note idea, but being able to fund your own MTTs. There would have to be restrictions or more detailed sorting, but I think it’d be awesome to be able to create action for games you want others to like. (Ex. Freeroll for 1M GTD in PLO)