High-stakes SNGs not filling

I can’t stand it, I take a first seat at a 6-player SNG with a 1M buy-in or above (2.5M, 5M) and either no one ever shows up or a few do join - it gets to 4/6 and then 5/6 but not able to get that final seat filled! It stays at 5/6 like forever. And then one leaves, and then another; and then yet another now bringing it down to just two and then I myself leave out of frustration. I can’t stand it.

Thoughts? Who else can relate?

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In the past, I had similar experiences in lower stakes.

It’s good you get the word out so more players will be aware and might fill that last spot in the future.

In the meantime, keep in mind the things that you have no control over shouldn’t decide for you if

you’re going to have a good day or not.

The key to patience is to find something else to do while you’re waiting.

If the SNG’s fill, then note the time of day.

I’d probably steer clear of the higher stakes anyway if my patience was tested like yours beforehand.

You, you alone decide whether or not you’ll have a good day!

Don’t let the rain, the guy driving ahead of you or Replay’s SNG’s slow fill decide for you!

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Filling the SNG tables has always been hard to do, from my experience, unless there is a SNG Promo which seldom happens. Great ideas from @Excaliburns . also you may want to join a ring game while waiting for the SNG table or MTT to fill. GL at the tables

Rain is a good thing! I don’t play in the 1 mil and above SNGs. I max out at about 100k, my BR is under 100 mil and I am a cheapskate and tight with my chips. What I have found to be effective, is getting invited to a SNG by friends. This has happened to me a few times and I was excited to be invited. I would suggest making friends with all the people you know that play in the 1 mil and above SNG games, sending them a nice note through replay, that says if they want to play there is a game. I think you will be surprised by the results, be sure to put a link to the game in your message, this makes it easy for them, just a click away from the table.

No worries. It never ruins my day (nor place me on tilt when a game finally does fill), lol. I usually find other things to do while waiting. Its just the tease of they almost filling up and then one leaves, and then another leaves, and so on.

I’ll play 1M headsup SNGs while waiting. Though they obviously fill much sooner, sometimes it takes a bit even for the just one person to arrive.

I do actually partake in an MTT while waiting; and I tell others at the table about the SNG vacancies. But I should take that advice and also make as many friends as possible who play in the 1, 2.5, and 5s and then send messages! Thanks for the idea, Rain.

Ring games? Not my thing! Once every five blue moons at best! I’m simply a Freezeout man through and through!

Hope to see you all at the 1M-and-above SNGs & MTTs!

the most serious, competitively passionate no-money player in the World!

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If your a premium member you can make your own table for whatever game you want and invite whoever you want.