About the max buy-ins

i thought about the fact that there is a huge difference in the max buy ins.
while the max of SNG’s and MTT’s is 5M. the max buy-in of the ring games is 200M.

i understand that tournaments have way higher variance and that that is the reason that there is a difference of the max buy-ins. i also understand that the SNG’s of 5M almost never start so there can’t be much higer buy-ins.
however the MTT’s do start, so this means there are people who can afford and want to pay these buy-ins. also if you look to some standard bankroll management amounts you often have 10/20/30. 20/30/50. 30/50/100 buy-in bankroll managements. which means the biggest difference of buy ins is 3,33 times tighter when playing MTT’s in comparison to ring games. so compared to each other 50M should even be doable to play. i understand that 50M would be only playable by the best players of replay, but higer buy-ins of 10 or maybe even 20M should be doable as max buy-in. this way the max difference is much more logical.

so the suggestion is: i think it should it be better to add higher buy-in MTT’s in replay.
if it’s really too hard to add this, you can also consider doing this monthly, that way it stays something special and people would defenitely want to play the 10 or 20M MTT.

optional: another idea is since the world series of poker is the biggest stage in poker worldwide, you can name the 10 or 20M MTT the world series of replay.

hope you like the suggestion.


of course the 10M or 20M is just a guideline based on what seems best for replay. if something in between or even higher buy-ins are even better that works too of course.


@fizzymint opinions???, getting curious :grin:

Ur lucky that there a 5m SnG that will close, MTT players are stopped in higher ranges simply due to the schedule… @least a SnG can close 24hrs a day… and I have no clue why.

I used to play sit and go high and stop it cos there is limited games (top 60) are count and now its empty cos donkish players dont play anymore and they don’t make tables full and the players who played their top 60 games don’t play anymore and go some other place, so, in my play time sit and go are empty. Also I stopped play MTT high cos they count top 20 games and in my play time we have less players and less points then USA players.

Hey @yiazmat – we’ll definitely be chatting about this in one of our meetings and I’ll have more information for you once we get a chance to discuss!

good to hear that :slight_smile:.
looking forward to the answer when u know more :slight_smile:.

Hey @yiazmat! Finally had our latest suggestions & feedback meeting today, and we very much like the idea. We’ll definitely be looking at adding these. There might not be a guaranteed prize pool, at least not while we test it out, but do think this is absolutely something that is missing on the MTT schedule right now.


great. nice to hear this :slight_smile: