Pulling teeth to fill Omaha SnG games

it seems Omaha is a tough sell on this site. Have the devs considered incentivizing players to take the plunge into Omaha by having a 2/4 table? Honestly, even for the 1K buy in SnG games it could take hours for the table to fill and the game to begin. What is the analysis of this from your perspective? Game too complex for the average player? While I am on a roll, have you seen the average pots of many of the low stakes games? Sometimes as high as 2K. That isn’t low stakes. I understand this is primarily as player-interest driven site but it is time to direct skilled and predatory players to tables more appropriate to their skill levels. No wonder people are afraid to try Omaha. Feedback welcome.

What to do?

I play Omaha, I rarely see at table going on medium stakes, Sometimes I start a table but only get 1 or 2 to join in. Low stakes players that play Omaha are very friendly with each other so the competition element can sometimes be missing. We need to get more playing it on medium stakes!

It is up to the players. If players not register for SnG, the SnGs will never run. Holdem, Omaha and Royal.

Many players want to play SnGs, there were more topics about it here. Not sure why players not register, and i do not mean the first 2, (many complaints it takes hours to start) but to fill up the 6 or 9 seated SnG must not be difficult if there are many players who love to play SnGs.

I wish we could add 18 or 27 seated SnGs:(…

Hi bottomtime

We added a SnG Omaha HU table, buy-in 5K.

Good luck. Greetings Happiness.