Please Correct the Ongoing Breakdown of SnG Lobbies

I would think that most people do not want to enter a Sit’n’Go and then keep watching both the general lobby and the game lobby to see if the table is filling up. I assume others cook, write emails, call a friend, or vacuum as the six and nine player tables are building. But for months now there has been no consistency between the game lobby and the SnG lobby. In some cases the game will fill and start yet the SnG lobby only reports you and two others. In the past month I have lost at least three games because I didn’t act in the first three levels and I didn’t act because the SnG lobby or the game lobby never showed the correct amount of players and that it even started. So not only do you lose the entry you also lost any point you could have earned. It is very frustrating.

I have reported this to support and so far they have not been able to correct the problem. If it happens to you they will tell you to refresh the page. Since I play while I am working that is often forgotten.

What is the electronic problem and what is the solution?



I’ll second that !

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Amen !!!

2 days ago I lost 100k, cause the MTT I entered never alerted me to it starting… thus when I realized it was 3 min till level 3 ended, sure I got to play a few hands, but thats insane not to have an alert tone when it started, but better yet … once seated, auto open the table so the players don’t have to… something…

I had entered the MTT, and main MTT lobby thingy was open. My screensaver had kicked in by that time, but I got no warning the MTT started.

Exactly, auto open the damn table :+1:t2:

I mean really how many times, has the main lobby not said “open table”… then the MTT lobby keeps saying “preparing you a seat…” and damn’d if you still don’t get seated till that Beep, that I guess in that other MTT … I never got… and you scramble to play the 1st hand fast enough.

Why would it have to take 15-20 seconds to seat 11 ppl, on 9 person tables ???

Seems more than a few things seems to be hit/miss around here @ times, not good.

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There are always a few “minor” annoyances in any large and complex program (and I’m not defending the above in any way) … I’m sure that the powers to be will have seen this post and are working on things as I type this, however… as a programmer myself (Machine Code Programmer) I would ask you to also take into account the fact that even the smallest of changes in what is truely a complex program can have absolutely devastating effects to the whole program if not properly tested and de-bugged before its implementation into the main code,

I will ask the powers to be “IF” in fact something is being worked on but would ask that patience is exercised… apart from the technical details of writing the code for those changes there’s only so much coffee that a programmer can drink in a working day so… let’s not lose faith :wink:

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I have asked about this and The Tech team is researching the trouble and as soon as they have a fix, it will be posted in the forum by our Community Manager, Ash.

This is not a new issue and there are many threads about it.

Players frequently message support as evidenced by the replies from staff on the forum threads.

It’s been 2 years already…

Now that I understand the same problem exists in MTTs and has been going on for such a long time, instead of fixing the problem, which has endured, create other changes that mitigate the problem.

For instance, if somebody registers for a tournament and doesn’t show for three levels, take the entry fee out of the winnings and do not charge the person who couldn’t get to the game in time full price; take 20% or 30%.

For instance, have SnG scored the same as the MTTs are scored, by average, and not by a system that has two different scoring methods. By the way that kind of scoring system has created numerous players who seek not to win but to just earn points and will happily settle for 5th place in a 9 player game, where three get paid, and will settle for 3rd place in a 6 player game where two get paid. Consequently, mediocrity is championed.

I am sure there are many more ways. Ideas?


Both pure “top xxx of xxx” and “ave of xxx” are both exploitative and exclusionary.
Truthfully there should be no lvl 3 rule at all…

And I think you got it backwards … SnG is on Ave , MTT is on Best Of.
Yes there are Ideas in about 10 or more other threads including ones specifically dealing with leaderboards.

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Hi Sarah,

Actually they are both “sort of average.” I will explain:

In SnG it is based upon the average amount of points in X amount of games. But the former changes radically when you play games X+1, X+2, X+3, etc. In fact you can play hundreds of games if you want but the formula used after the suggested limit is such that if you don’t win or place, you will not gain any points and in fact you will start losing points. It forces people to stop after 120 games in Lo, 90 games in Med, and 60 games in Hi.

In MTT, as I understand it, the “best of” has no limits so you can never lose the average you have attained but you can perfect it by playing more and more games.

Of the two distorted scoring systems I would like to see both scoring be between a minimum amount of games and a maximum amount of games:

In SnGs and MTTs you would have your total points divided by the minimum number of games plus the games you actually played, up to the maximum amount of games.

If people go over the maximum then they should be penalized of .1 point per place so that their final average can only go downward. This will truly discourage playing past the maximum.


yea same here if I’m not sitting on it play starts and I’m still waiting for the game to fill

Greetings Scratch & Replay Family,
First of all Scratch, I would like to hear a little bit of your story if any, behind your Replay Handle. Sometimes a person has a good story that goes with it…
Anyways Scratch, like a lot of others here, I’ve experienced the same issues myself. I’ll be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes out from a tourney and I’ll get busy on some other stuff and next thing you know it’s too late, or you’ll certainly not be in a competitive playful mood by the time you do get to your seat.
About the 3rd time I spaced a Tournament like this, I was so mad at myself, after all, I knew about the problem and it still had the best of me. My wife, bless her heart, is Cambodian, came into room concerned and wanted to see what the commotion was about. I did my best to be patient and try to explain kind of complicated issue with Replay and missing tournaments needlessly. She turned around and walked out of the room. That seem like a wasted 5 or so minutes I’ll never get back. I do love her for trying …
Back to RePlay. waiting for another tournament… Then my wife comes back and hands me our digital timer from the Kitchen… OMG. Now I felt like I was the dummy… How simple could this be… I’ve been using it ever since and have never missed a tournament. I sure would like RePlay to fix it… In the meantime it’s certainly not going to be a source of aggravation for me anymore. In fact I really don’t care how long if ever it gets fix… I’ve already fixed it from my end… Well, My wife has… :sunglasses::innocent:

Rail-Bird, I will give you a taste, and tell you what I’ve told folks over the past eleven years in online poker rooms. They are all half true. Your job is to find the story that is all true. But first you have to tell us how you got YOUR name!

  1. From the time I was ten until I was seventeen I first played pool, and then hustled pool. When I scratched once the guys in the pool room started calling me Scratch.

  2. In Kane’s Billiard Academy, Eddie Kane, a former bag man for Dutch Schultz would send me out to the Jamaica racetrack to bet his horses. The joke on me was that he knew the horse was scratched and hence would have me make the trip for nothing.

  3. My full name has all the letters in the word S C R A T C H.

  4. During the disco years I was a disc jockey, another term for spinning records was being a scratch.

  5. When I first started playing poker I wanted a name that would make players think twice. So I took a character’s name in the old 1950s movie, “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”

  6. Scratch was a nickname when I was young.

Okay Rail Bird, it is your turn to tell me, which story is the whole truth.

(Oh, and by the way, I try to write a new story each month and post it on my biography… maybe that will give you a hint.)


Rail-Bird - SnG’s don’t have a fixed start time. The lobby isn’t refreshing and its a major pain in the arse. For people playing leaderboards, they lose the game and their average takes a hit. Its really not a good situation.

Greetings Scratch,
Very interesting challenge and choice you’ve made Mr. S.

  1. I don’t think or believe this is the correct one… I spent a little time learning and playing pool. Mostly Snooker.
    Which in this case doesn’t have any relevant bearing on the matter at hand. Learning, playing, and trying to do it when you’re young means a ton of scratches… You have to in order to challenge your limits as your game grows.
    So, If you had put it that you got the nick name because you scratched a lot growing up learning in a pool hall. That how it goes for everyone who picks up a cue as a boy…
  1. This was a good one… I had to look it up. I knew the name from somewhere… Very clever my friend…
    Mr. Monahan, Ralph Kramden’s Gotham Bus Company boss on The Honeymooners.

3.I seriously do not believe this one at all… Although there’s a little bit of wiggle room here. It is a hell of a stretch to go out on a limb like this. Please let me know how foolish of a deduction I tried to make…
If your profession or career has something to do with accounting, auditing, or taxes. Those are the kinds of people that use that part of their brain to develop a password with those kind of parameters and patterns.

  1. Well, Well, Well, You’re getting tired or something old man. Music was one of my minor wheel houses as a kid back in the day. Especially during this era … Anyways, I sure have heard of one of the legendary pioneer D J Scratch from Brooklyn, New York.[…

  2. This one was a little puzzling for me Scratch… I thought about it and thought about it… This could be the deepest end of the septic tank for you here… It seemed to me to be pure bullshirt… I did want to test it anyways, just to be fair…So I went quietly into the livingroom. The wifey was watching TV in the dark… Oh boy ! I slowly snuck up on her and yelled SCRATCH ! ! ! with this menacing look on my face… She just looked at me and told me if I was coming out to the living room, I needed to go back and turn off the lights…:rage:

  3. This one I think a person could sink their teeth into it…
    This is the one without any spin. No attempt to justify or re-direct. My experience tells me this is the likely of being the truth… Unless your the Bean counter from question 5 :sunglasses:

By the way, I visited your profile and read one heck of a story… You are either a writer or, you may have copied it. Then again, I could figure out more if I knew a little more, like whether it was Fiction or Nonfiction… ? :sunglasses:

Greetings Warlock,
You’re absolutely correct Warlock. My first few months at replay I attempted to play Sit-N-Goes, I became very frustrated quickly and moved on to Multi Table Tournaments. So it totally escaped my mind. I do have a decent memory it’s just a little short …:thinking:

After reading this I’ll go with # 7 . Constant itch that would not go away hence the name Scratch lol.

And the saga continues …

“When I scratched once the guys in the pool room started calling me Scratch.” Hardly ever scratched. No nickname. Half truth.

“Eddie Kane, a former bag man for Dutch Schultz would send me out to the Jamaica racetrack to bet his horses.” Kane taught me how cheating is done at the race track and I wrote a book about it, “Scratch’s Black Book.” Half Truth.

“My full name has all the letters in the word S C R A T C H.” True but so what?

“I was a disc jockey, another term for spinning records was being a scratch.” I hated most disco music. Total lie.

“I took a character’s name in the old 1950s movie, ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster.’ watched the movie clip then you would have known it is the total truth. Scratch is a name that the devil used so being a devil I have used it.

“Scratch was a nickname when I was young.” Not true. My nickname for awhile was “crosseyed Ronnie”.


Awesome :+1:t2: