Sitters in 50k Andromeda sng

Not able to understand why sitters are not eliminated after a certain time into the 50k Andromeda sng tourney…Agreed they get zero points for not complying with 50% of the hands to be played to get any points.But they are sitting there till they are blinded out…this makes no sense…
Can there not be a time clock if not seated for the game to be taken out of the game?

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Of course, they can be timed out and thrown out, but this is not a poker site. Poker sites do kick dead players out, but this is a social site. Come one, come all. Sit right down, or go watch Ellen. Nothing gained, nothing lost. If they’re lucky, six of the other players will be knocked out before they get blinded out. They won’t get any points, but I sense that they would still be really proud of themselves.

Have you looked at all the SNG tables available? There’s like100 of them, and 85% are always empty. They need to do something to make them more attractive. I’m not going to sit around for 10 minutes waiting for a big table to fill up. I can’t even find 20 SNG’s in a week.

Have to agree with you here for the 50k Andromeda…10 minutes is nothing…lollll…sometimes its almost 30/45 minutes…i struggle to finish 20 in a week…on the last day i scamper around to finish 4/5 games like everybody else who play for the ladder position so we all assemble on the last day…as we speak since 5 days which is the start for this weeks ladder position ive managed only 4 games…just not filling up these days…the 20k Ursa and 100k Pegusus fill up much faster…