RPOS X Update?

I don’t know where to put this topic and I hope I’m not repeating a topic. I’d say about two-three weeks ago is when I first saw the RPOS banner among the announcements on the main page. And…when you went to the Promotions tab…there was the full schedule and a rundown of everything including the new twist that runner-ups would get into the Tournament of Champions if the winner of that particular event already won a prior event and thus already qualified. It seems like there was going to be the typical 3 weeks of satellites with leaderboards and then everything was to begin on September 23 (just 3 days from now). And for a while (until just now)…the Kick Off event was listed in the lobby page…but not anymore.

I was just curious if the site has decided to delay the festival a few weeks or so.

Great question – and one I can answer as we just had a discussion about it!

We delayed RPOS due to the technical issues. This is one of our flagship promotions, and we didn’t want the daily outages to affect players in this tournament series. Now that things have stabilized, we will be moving forward with the event. Details will go up on our Promotions page, but here are the key dates:

RPOS X - Satellite Fever - Oct 3rd - Oct 23rd
RPOS X - League of Legends - Oct 21st - Oct 30th
RPOS X - High Roller Showdown - Oct 21st - Oct 30th
RPOS X - Tournament of Champions - November 6th - 13:00 ET


It’s exactly what I thought/hypothesized was the case. I figured the technical issues were making you all rightfully cautious that you wanted those issues rectified before proceeding forward. I’m just happy I wasn’t missing something and thus now know the new intended dates. Thank you so much!


What is this crapolla I saw that 2nd place to a former ticket winner would get a seat at the Tournament of Champions? Are we going the Participation trophy route here !!! It is the Tournament of Champions I personally play to eliminate some of my future compition in that tourney … Please Do Not open up this can of worms
The Goat :slight_smile:


I agree with you 100% Goat .

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Just noticed the dates for the League of Legends RPOS #10 - #30 appears to be incorrect. The dates are shown as from Sept. 24 - Sept. 30 instead of Oct. 24 - Oct. 30.


Nice catch :+1:t2:

Well, I don’t want any controversy or someone claiming foul after I win this Tournament.

I want everything to go as Smooth as possible.

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Lol “ Smoothly “ said .

Excuse me @fizzymint I just went to the League of Legions page and the wrong winner is shown? I won Both RPOS IX events

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Okay, can you clear up another discrepancy?

RPOS League Of Legends

The League of Legends is a series of 20,000 chip entry poker tournaments that feature 60,000,000 in guaranteed prizes. Winning one of these 30 events will earn you a very special achievement and an invite to the Tournament of Champions. Starting Friday, Friday, October 21st, three tournaments will take place per day, at 13:30 ET, 18:30 ET and 21:30 ET.

RPOS High Roller Showdown

Running alongside the League of Legends is The High Roller Showdown. This is a serious of ten tournaments that take place at 16:00 ET each night and feature either a 100,000 or 250,000 entry fee. You can use tickets won during Satellite Fever to enter these events.

The LoL times match the posted schedule but, the RPOS posted schedule shows each of them starting at 18:00 ET. I really hope it is supposed to be 16:00 ET otherwise each RPOS event will overlap the LoL 18:30 ET events each day.

I’m old and unable to play more than one game at a time.



Good spot Goatsoup, that was an oversight on my part. I have fixed this. Best of luck for this year!


Hey smooth99,

That was a typo on my behalf, sorry for that. The correct time is 18:00 ET for High Roller Showdown events.

When running a complex event, with many moving parts such as RPOS there are inevitably going to be overlaps or clashes and I am sorry that this is causing an inconvenience.

I hope you enjoy the series,


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I love the schedule and I certainly love the banner ! :wink: Go RPOS, Go Replay ! :sunglasses:

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Ok have question on that. So, played 20k ticket for what the 100K, and at the end was 2nd but RPOS stopped at 6 no more play. But it said I finished 1st. I mean If we were to play out to end, I could have possibly won 1st. So, no invite or what? Thanks.


I believe the 2nd place refers to the 40 RPOS tourneys which will qualify you to the Final Game on Nov. 6, not the preliminaries which allows you to win Tickets for the 40 games.

@smooth99 is correct @mrzick u won a 100k ticket that can be used for any 100k Mtt including the ones available during the RPOS X (These would be used during the High Roller Event)

Best of luck :slight_smile: