RPOS IX Upcoming Tournament Schedules

Just a question regarding the tournament scheduling.

The RPOS IX Satellite Fever schedule is:

“… Running from Monday, September 6th through Sunday, September 26th Satellite Fever has three kinds of satellite available. …”

The RPOS IX League of Legends schedule is:

“… Starting Friday, September 26th and ending on Sunday, October 4th , compete in as many events as you can to climb the 5,000,000 free chip leaderboard and claim your share of the riches. …”

The first RPOS IX Tournament RPOS #1 is listed for Oct. 1st @ 10:30am (ET) and, the final RPOS #30 is listed for Oct. 10th @ 22:30pm (ET).

Is the League of Legends schedule correct?

It just doesn’t seem correct to me.

The RPOS IX High Roller appears correct.


Hey @smooth99 - October 1st through 10th are the correct dates for League of Legends. I appreciate you pointing out that error! We’ve fixed the copy on the promotions page.

Sorry it took a bit to get back to you – yesterday was a UK bank holiday and I wanted to confirm with our promo folks before replying.


That’s great.

I’ve been looking forward to participating in this tournament since last year and I’m glad it won’t be marred by some misunderstanding.

dont need to worry @Goatsoup will win :slight_smile:

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LOL @Tiggyxxx I was gonna post this but it got deleted :wink:
goat king2

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looking the 20 K league of legends we have

Omaha x 4 games
Texas x 18 games
Hi Lol x 4 games
7 card x 2 games
royal x 2 games

why is royal an 7 card only 2 games they should be at least the same weight as omaha and hi lo - are we saying that players who play these games are not as important ? I get Texas is the main game but also Royal has more than 7 card and there is more royal games in the lobby than 7 card and Royal has a leaderboard

why do we have a PL texas? I can not understand this ? - there is no MTT on the site (only ring game that not many players) how can you have a RPOS with a PL game nobody has any experience with and also with a bounty RPOS #20 - It make no sense

ML texas yes i get we that bankroll builder 1K but there is no MTT Texas PL

how can you be a league of legend when there is a game that as an MTT does not exist on replay

Thanks for listening to my feedback

Tiggs xx

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As a follow up to the excellent observation made by @Tiggyxxx regarding the Pot Limit Texas Hold um Game … I have Never played PL MTT Texas Ever as it is NOT offered on Replay !!!

The weighting of Royal and 7 Card compared to Omaha is debatable but the Fact that there is Not Any Pot Limit Texas MTT games is Not and needs to be corrected

I would add that in the High Roller event there are 2 PL Omaha Hi/Low Events and 1 PL Omaha but NONE No Limit !!! … I believe that NL Omaha Hi/Low is the 2nd most popular game on Replay why would it not be included at all and Pot Limit being played Twice … These are events #6 & #9 … I hope this oversight will be corrected before the start of The RPOS and The #9 which is a 250k buy in be changed to a No Limit game to reflect what is presently being played on the site

I ask this for the fairness of ALL participants in the RPOS

Thank you for your time in this matter

Good luck to All … The Goat :grinning: :goat:

Hello??? Why have there not been a response to these concerns???


Firstly, thank you both for taking the time to share your concerns. I am sorry I was not in the office over the past couple of weeks, even donkeys deserve a holiday from time to time.

RPOS has been designed in a way that allows games for every player on the site. Not every player views the games in the same light or puts equal weighting on each game type, so we must cater for all players.

It is not a case of determining the importance of players who prefer certain poker variants, but a reflection of how the MTTs on the site play. Both Royal and 7 Card Stud are a minute percentage of the hands played on the site, and their popularity is reflected in the schedule. We want to accommodate all players, but we don’t want to run a series that is poorly attended and overlaid.

This is the reason that we offer a very small number of Pot Limit Hold’em events. There are people on the site that play the game, even if it is not popular. I have checked the records, and you both played the Pot Limit Hold’em MTT in RPOS last year, so the MTT format does exist and you both have willingly participated with no complaints in previous RPOS.

I am sorry to hear that the schedule does not match your expectations, these are the first complaints that we have had in regards to the schedule. In terms of NL/PL Omaha MTTs, both formats are played. There is a current trend of playing No Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo Ring Games over Pot Limit, but for a tournament format, Pot Limit is the more skilful format.

That being said, we recognise there is an oversight in the High Roller Series and we will adjust event #6 so that it’s a No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event.

Thank you for sharing your concerns,


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The Event #6 is Still PL :slight_smile:

Hey Goatsoup,

It is for now, once our cardroom manager returns from his holiday, it will be changed.

Have a great day,


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Noticed on last Day the 10th there are 4 Tourneys to play instead of the standard 3. With 2 games scheduled at same time. Is that correct?

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Good observation @Gulf_gator it looks like there are only 2 scheduled for the 8th #22 & #23 … I think it looks like a clerical error was made on #25 placing it on the 9th and the rest of the times followed suit making it show 4 games on the 10th



Thanks for your vigilance, you are correct, there was a typo, we format this as 3 events per day for the League Of Legends.

I have edited the page and everything is correct.

Enjoy the RPOS!




I can’t seem to locate the League of Legends #30 tournament in the Lobby section. I see #28 & #29 but, no #30, I’ve refreshed and no change.



Sorry, I just checked the Lobby and #30 showed up. I must’ve done something wrong except all I did was log back in.

there was an outage that had a huge impact on this competition.

1 - we could not play for at least 14 hands

2- On my table only one person could be in every hand at all times you could see on 2 hands another person could join form the 14 hands - the player who was able to play every hand collected all the blinds… I can post all the links to the hands but don’t think is required - please shout if you would like to see this

3 - this is my only hands so others will may have other issues - out of all of the outages I would have been all in on 2 of the hands and win - 1 hand I would have called and 1 hand my big blind I could not even check and the player who was the only player at the time was winning my big blind without me seeing the flop - I was unable to be in 4/14 hands which I would have gained winning position

in the past Issue with RTC = it was cancelled and new date set
in the past issue with Beat the staff = it was cancelled
Both of the above no points or knockouts was awarded = Null and Void

so based on the above decisions - this MTT #25 should be cancelled and not points awarded or places and payouts given - for fairness to all players

If not then please review all my hands during my outage and multiply by all players that hands like mine and their will be many

@fizzymint @GoldenDonkey please can you let us know your decision


RPOS IX League of Legends #28 (1 Rebuy & 1 Add-on)

the tournament states that this is 1 rebuy and 1 add
when you go to the lobby its says this:

Blinds Schedule
Rebuy: 1 rebuys for the first minutes
Status: Registering

please define the first minutes - this is usually here eg. 24 mins e.tc
where this an add on in the lobby you would also see this and if you click the info button it would say what you would get

all of the above is missing so its very unclear what is the rebut time period? Is there an add on if so how much



@fizzymint @GoldenDonkey this is really confusing

the promo page says RPOS #28 Oct 10th 10:30 20,000/Ticket PL Omaha 6-Max 1R 1A 1M Register

so I am playing the game and its hi lo not Omaha as stated on the promo page so that was weird and if we stuck the correct felt for the game the mix up would I would have worked out earliest

and no body can add on at the break as advertised

I started the game - we are on a green felt so was thinking ok its still Omaha as stated but its not the game is hi lo ! - this also goes back to the point of why change the color


Congratulations to GOATSOUP for winning the RPOS IX League of Legends :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Also for winning the RPOS High roller showdown.
Goat made a clean sweep so for. :).
The RPOS tournaments were very exciting and fun.
I can’t wait till next year to play again… :slight_smile:
Thank you so much replay for these fun tournaments…