As we are all excited for playing the RPOS, I was checking the timing of the the tournaments.
I found them unhelpful for players from Africa, Europe, and some countries in Asia.
I would like if they start earlier by like 3-4 hours so these players can catch the majority of the tournaments.
What do you think?

Have a nice day!


I doubt they could change the starting times for this year.

In fact, I’d be really surprised if they did!


I too am hoping that next year the timing of the RPOS events will be looked into. The times of both the League of Legends (just one suitable for Europe) and the High Roller Showdown (none available for Europeans who need to go to work the next day) have certainly discouraged me from entering. The actual Tournament of Champions is at a time to suit most people so I hope that is retained at the published time for future years.
It is such a well thought out format, and I wish good luck to all who are able to enter at the present timings.


Was looking forward to playing this year also but the timing just doesn’t coincide with my lifestyle. Maybe next year.


would be nice if they advertised it as the EST tournament it truly is


It seems to be a common theme, for us GMT/Western Europe based folks, the tournaments are always scheduled for near midnight or later. Way out of my range.


I suggest running the tournament twice a year with a new name.

One for one side of the world and another for the other side.

You could only compete in one of the two tournaments.

The two winners then compete for the final honor of being RP’s “Champion of the World”

You could have a contest renaming the tournament trying to find the most appropriate name possible.

As it stands now, this tournament, even when a players wins, has a feeling that too many are left out.

Only 94 players for the first game compared to the higher number of guesses tell a story.

It’s time to revamp (to give new and improved form, structure, or appearance.)

This needs to be thought out and presented just as well as the creation of the format was formed.

In that mindset, the problems can finally be solved.

The alternative, kicking the can down the road, (to avoid or delay dealing with a problem), would only

bring about more frustrated players and posts like the ones we see here.

Player’s frustrations on both sides of the coin.


In my view running two competitions would not foster world community spirit, and simply adjusting the times for this great competition is the best solution. I am sure winners like Goatsoup would want to feel they had beaten the world on merit rather than just the EST competitors.!

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Running two competitions would give both sides of the world the perfect times to compete.

It would draw more players to the competition.

It’s impossible to do what you’re suggesting or else that simple adjustment to the timing would have

been done long ago.

This is certainly the biggest issue and if it’s solved, then the tournament is in a better position to thrive

on without hinderances.

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I understand where you are coming from, but still maintain one competition would be more inclusive. I would like to quote the August Marathon which divided the times equally between all zones, and I believe had one of the biggest entries of all promotions.
I just like competing against all nationalities, and have made new friends by doing this.

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The Marathon was great, as you say, different times of the day for the tournaments, meaning pretty much everybody can squeeze in a couple of tournaments a day at least wherever they are based.


Yes, the Marathon was great. The Winter Games also run tournaments every three hours. I would support the RPOS doing the same.


I like this idea.

Replay in prior years held a Replay Global Poker Tour event but noticed they didn’t this year. The tourney times were accommodating to various time zones. It was held in July unless I missed it.


Is Replay planning on holding this event this year?

I agree. It’s a way to learn different styles of play.

An idea I have is to run one more tourney per day, adding a 9:30 EST game, along with the current 13:30, 18:30 and 21:30 times. Start it off on Saturday, have 32 tourneys ending the next Saturday, with the TOC on Sunday.

I think you’re forgetting the High Roller Showdown which would still be 40 tourneys. I like it as long as the tourneys are each spaced at least 3 hours apart.

Yeah, I was talking about the League of Legends tourneys, not the High roller showdown.

Perhaps even go with 8:30 EST instead, thinking this would give Europe and perhaps others another good time to choose from.

If you want to play in todays 7 card stud League of Legends tourney, you’ll want to change your settings to check FL or fixed limit if you don’t have it checked right now.
I haven’t played 7 card stud since WAY back last century when we’d get together at someones home for a poker party. Those days were fun, never even heard of hold em back then. I’m going to be rusty, but will give it a shot, good luck all.

The WSOP eventually branched out when the poker boom happened to create a smaller WSOP Europe (which still is taking place these days + there will be a WSOP Bahamas soon from what I read) and (for a couple of times) a small WSOP APAC.

Perhaps Replay Poker should consider creating an RPOS EU-APAC festival in the future…maybe in the spring time (i.e., so that it is half a year away from the main RPOS) where all the start times are solely suitable for the Asians, Aussies, Europeans, etc (like how the red fonted Regional Leagues for Oceanic, Asian, and European have specific time periods). Make the festival last, say, 5 days (Monday-Friday) with 5 events each day (25 in total) and a TOC on that subsequent Sunday. Just have one leaderboard for a POY regardless of the buy-in amount for each event. You could range the buy-ins from 20K to 250K unless you want to throw in one super high roller of 500K or 1M for the nosebleed people, but primarily keeping most of the 25 events on the lower end to be affordable.

Just thinking of something since I remember grapevine saying the 12:30 PM Central time events are the only good times for the Europeans among the 4 RPOS events that occur each day.

Remember…winning a WSOP Europe bracelet is just as big of a deal as winning a WSOP bracelet. Only the Main Events of the two are far different in prestige.

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