why not have tournaments set @ eu times for eu players?

That’s an interesting question. I live in 4 time zones west of NY, so in order to compete I paly at diferrent times all day. I still manage to play with players from eu, NY, Chic, Cali, Hawaii, Japan, Korea…which makes it really fun and interesting. I personally love the international flavor and look forward to meeting folks from all over. Even Montreal (rolls eyes, that’s a joke for a special friend)!!

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laslomas, can you explain a bit more your question. Are you referring to the times on the site, that they’re showing at non-EU times, even though you’re in the EU. Or do you mean, you want more tournaments at an appropriate time for players in the EU?

Thanks for your reply,my intentions were not to exclude any players,but to play in EU time,otherwise I can only play in tournaments late evening or after midnight laslomas