The Series

Hello Everyone!

I just want to ask when can we play again big tournaments like The RPOS ?

Have a good day!

I think the RPOS is every September if I’m not mistaken.

OK Thank u, but what about the other events?

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The next “Big Event” on Replay is The Winter Games which runs end of Feb into March usually

FYI u might want to practice up and take ur Vitamins b/c I personally know the Player that Dominates them Every year and he takes no prisoners :joy:

Best of luck at the tables The Goat :goat: :slight_smile:


Haha, Thank u.

I remember you, we made a lot of final tables in some big event 1,5 year ago.

Well played.


You just need to keep checking the Promotion page every other week. The upcoming Promotions are listed about a week before each starting event.

I hope this helps.

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Yeah I do that, Thanks

There are some going on right now or about to begin


I was just looking at the Promotion page and at the very bottom of the List is a section for Past Promotions which will give you the approximate start dates of past promotions.