Announcing RPOS XI. Satellites start next week!

Hi everyone,

as the title suggests we are just about to launch this years Replay Poker Online Series, for the eleventh time!

RPOS XI satellites start next Monday and the 40 scheduled MTTs start on September 25th.

Even if you just play the satellites, the tickets you win are for keeps and can be used in any MTT or SnG of the designated ticket value.

Will anyone manage to dislodge @Goatsoup from his traditional League of Legends or High Roller perch?

Ultimately, the winner of the Tournament of Champions on October 8th will get to rename a Replay tournament of their choice.

Previous winners:

2022 @madmac14: Warp Speed
2021 @morcosborcos Morcosborcos’s Kindness
2020 @BlackWidow Widow’s Bite
2019 @Galak Galaktic Storm

All the information is available in the Replay Promotions page.

Good luck


Woo Hoo RPOS is awesome.



Why are you scheduling a daily League of Legends (LoL) (18:30) game around the same time as the daily High Roller (18:00) games?

This happened last year and I suggested spacing the tourneys at least 3 hours +/- apart. This would help some of us decide which to play. I don’t play multiple tourneys at the same time.

For example, the daily LoL has the 18:30 game which would’ve been “nice” to have it scheduled for something like 16:30 since the previous daily tourney is 13:30.

I hope it’s still early enough to reschedule that games time slot.


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Hi all, a little confused about something.

So the Satellite freeroll tournaments, the last 20 paying positions only receive Tickets, no chips, understand that clearly, but looking at my Activity page, it clearly says a return of 5000.

However, there is no 5000 registered anywhere on my Transactions as won from that tournament. Also there is a supposed 2500 which I “won” by finishing 18th place yesterday in the same tournament.

Can anybody explain the phantom chips?

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Hi @BeerEagle69

The 2,500 and 5,000 represents the value of the tickets you won in those tournaments.

1 x 2.5K in 6207070 and 2 x 2.5K in 6207073



Hi @smooth99, sorry for the late reply.

We talked about this internally and agree it is open to debate, but ultimately decided to keep the format as is for another year.

If anyone has input into this, we will be offering a survey after the RPOS concludes.



Got it, thanks for your reply.



Okay, thanks for considering my suggestion and hopefully next year you will space each tourney at least 3 hours apart. Again, I think it’s still early enough to reschedule the starting times.

I figure if I can’t get rid of these guys within 3 hours, I obviously have some problems.


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I have a bone to pick with the way the payout for Tournament ID# 6212007 was handled. I was told via the information given to us at the table that 7 was the # of places that would be paid 1 - 100K RPOS Ticket. I finished in 7th, but only after playing several hands far more loosely than normal knowing I was going to place 7th or better- AND CASH. But no, only 6 places actually were paid not the 7 that was advertised. I feel like I am due a 100K ticket on principle alone, knowing I did not play as though only 6 places were winners, or I WOULD HAVE. Thanks, moe.

Hi @moeron

I see what happened. There were 7 prizes announced because there was a chip prize besides the 6 tickets. The Satellite tournaments will stop playing when they reach the ticket stage, so be sure to keep playing until the event actually stops!

I topped up your chips with the 62,500 chips difference.



Thank you, Rob, your generous compromise is appreciated.

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