This morning’s MTT, 27 players…

Not see’n Any of the so called “best players”… Where are ya Ilovecat ??? :roll_eyes:
The Biggest Promotion of the Year, You’d think more than 27ppl would enter, especially on a weekend…

I challange the top 500rank, if you’re really that good, come join us. :warning:
Or perhaps… :thinking: maybee you’re not really that good … :shushing_face:

Naming rights to a SnG or MTT lasts forever !!!

Only 4 events have been played… come 1, come all … RPOS is Here.
Support Replay’s Biggest Promotion all year, lets shoot for 300 players.
Leave your Mark on Replay forever.


I would have liked to play in the RPOS, and in that team tournament that we had a few months back, but there’s only so many hours that I can devote to playing poker, and I’ve had to cut back this last month due to other activities that I have going on. I’ll probably be more active again after mid October, or possibly not until December. Rest assured, I am having a good time!


Bragging rights for beating a field of 27 in a shitty tournament structure are not that appealing to good players imo. You have fun though. Cheers

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Oh, and you keep calling out the top 500 or 100 or whatever. Why do you have such a problem with people in the forums posting or commenting what the believe is correct strategy, trying to help others to help themselves. It’s tiring and it’s old. Here’s a challenge for you, get your bankroll up and come play 50/100 and show the Replay world how good you really are Sarah. :slight_smile:

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no dayman…
Winning RPOS Tournament of Champions, and naming rights to a SnG/MTT…
Seems -BlackWidow- has no problem, now She is scary…

Geeze dayman, I am advertizing RPOS and trying to get more top players
perhaps playing in something where ya can’t just rebuy ur way along…
We need more players as is, so why not challange a highly focused group
of players to play something else for a chg…

I play everything, all games, all formats, all metrics, all promotions… ya know
its alot funner than just playing the same boring rings all the time.

Have fun Dayman, live a little… come play with us, bring friends…


Seems You can now check and see if your Favorite player
has transferred into ToC, on the main RPOS ToC Page (cant link).
Not sure when it gets updated though…

Check back regularly, and see who’s punched thier :tickets: Golden Ticket

I’ll chime in to say that I’ve personally been unable to play (m)any RPOS events. A crazy work schedule has limited the time I have available during the week, which further makes it more important to devote my weekends to family time.

That said, I’m not sure how much time I would devote to playing these tournaments, even if that weren’t the case. Due to inflation, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of fighting my way back through stakes I’d already beaten. As with any game you play through on “easy” after already beating it, this was not a pleasant experience. Either I would breeze through outplaying my competition, or be hit with ultra-tilting suck-outs.

The one RPOS tournament I did play, I coasted to a third-place finish out of 72 players. As satisfying as it can be to place so well in a moderately large field, in a way it felt like playing hockey against a team of five-year-olds. I’d imagine many of the higher-ranked players would have a similar experience.

There’s also the question of how those lower-ranked players would react to a flood of top-ranked players jumping into the game. Would it still be fun to take a crack at the title when a bunch of elite players are dunking on them, making it hard to get even a top 50% finish, let alone a cash? Bear in mind that even the first place prize would barely cover a one or two buy-ins for most in the top 500.

All in all, if you want a game where the entire field can play together, let’s push the monthly Bust the Staff promotions. Trying to chastise high-ranked players for not jumping with both feet into a different promotion seems off to me.

N.B.: The opinions stated above are my own and are in no way meant to represent those of Replay Poker staff or management.

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I wish there was a note in the lobby saying. (To add chips during the re-buy break click on the add chips to get your add on). because if it does not pop up on the screen players will miss the add on. I’m playing in the rpos 7 and i wanted the 5000 chips to help me in that tournament.

Fair enough. I play them when I’m in the mood and one is available but I don’t have time to invest in playing any of the series Replay offers. -BlackWidow- is a beast… no doubt. She obviously has the time to put in as well.

Do think that anyone that makes it to the “Tournament Of Champions” should get a Coffee Mug,Hat, or T-Shirt for making it that far. TOC should be rewarded. Just sayin…

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Congrats to all who punched thier ticket into the Tourn of Champs for RPOS VII …

I especially liked the (2) main events… 10min blinds and 500bb to start, finally a format where there is some playability in the 1st few levels. I think ToC MTT should also be that format, rather than a turbo format… I bet it makes for a better show thats gonna be streamed… plz reconsider format…

Speaking of That stream, the page seems blank right now, and the icon for Replay Poker isn’t anything recognizable as from Replay. Streaming ToC is great advertizing for replay, but unlike BuffaloPrime or even the last guy you had … your current official twitch page seems blank.

Again CONGRATS to all who made it Tourn of Champs … and
give … 4 players and xtra congrats for more than 1 win… those are…
Goatsoup(3), Marklou(2), DudeitsDad(2), and Tiggy(2) …



I would also Like to give a special ShoutOut to …
Rahn … and … Bahia7

While they didn’t make the Tourn of Champions… They did make my
combined Power Rankings for a Combined Leaderboard for RPOS VII.
( combined finish place and combined raw scores )

1st - Rahn - 1-1
2nd - Marklou - 2-2
3rd - Sassy_Sarah - 3-4
4th - Goatsoup - 7-3
5th - Tiggy - 4-6
6th - HeyPatrick - 6-5
7th - Bahia7 - 5-7