I love the SNG Championship Promotion, BUT

120 SNG’s, basically just to qualify is absurd. That’s 4 per day, which seems like a full-time job. Great promotion; great site. I simply can’t seriously consider making a run in ANY month of 2017. Bummer…

Hi LagTard,

You are absolutely right. A large part of the player base are retired. Hence the leadership boards are perfect for them. But us worker bees need to earn a living so the leadership boards still preclude us. You may want to try to compete in the MTTs American tournament; they have two each night.

See you at the felts.


I second this. I understand that Replay wants to encourage players to play as much as possible, but in the past six months I have only had time to play maybe 8-10 hours per week (which is actually quite a lot). There is no way that I could manage to play enough high stakes or medium stakes SnGs for the leaderboard because they take time to start, so I haven’t even bothered to play SnGs lately.

And MTTs are even worse! There is no averaging, so in order to get on the leaderboard, players are playing over 200 MTTs for the monthly leaderboard (over 200 hours!) or over 800 in for the yearly ones. There is no way to compete even though I make the final table in the majority of MTTs because I would be lucky to get to play 40 MTTs in a month (they take longer when you do well…). It also encourages players to play bingo because when the board considers the top 40 out of 250 tournaments, the leaders’ top 40 is made up of mostly wins, so they try to go big or go bust.

I guess I don’t really have a suggestion for how to fix it because Replay wants players to play as much possible, but I was hoping the new leveling system or achievements would take into account what % of the time players do well in tournaments rather than just playing the maximum number of tournaments.

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Same here, I only play in the evenings, usually from 8pm to midnight (or more). As Scratch suggested play the leagues, they’re usually good poker & fun to play.


Its way too much for me to consider playing but honestly, I’m ok with things the way they are. I’m a casual player, not here every day. OK, so I cant win bonus chips for placing high on a leaderboard but I still get good games here. The better players in each discipline and level know who each other are for the most part and earning the respect of the better players here is reward enough for me. That’s assuming I ever do of course :wink:

The site cant be “perfect” for everyone but I’ve played on a lot of “free” poker sites and this one is so far above the rest that I’m just sorry I didn’t find out about it sooner.

Maybe RP could allow players to show how many wins they’ve had in MTT’s and/or SnG’s or some statistic that shows average place over however many games players enter? The average place stat would be good because it doesn’t matter how many or few games a player has. If someone is showing an average of 5th (if we do it by place) or top-10% (if we use percentages), then anyone looking at that player will know he/she is not to be trifled with. Just a thought to be played with I guess but I’m liking the concept because it does allow us lower volume players to still have a metric to be fairly rated by and the only way to get a good rating is to earn it through deep runs.

Is this about the new Championship thingy for just SnGs or MTTs which includes, monthlies and leagues… or both ???

[ MTT only ] …
I hate to be blunt here, but this promotion is basically… the rich get richer, but a true yearly test for the hardcore maniac players here. I will say if you can play 1 of the leagues ( both each day ), then you’re most of the way to 2 of the 3 monthly leaderboards anyway. Since the Leagues are harder than the Monthlies, I was surprised that only top 5 in each gets a ticket … compared to top 15 from the Monthlies. A total of 60 tickets each month. I don’t have a big problem with this promotion but it is not for the casual player. I have been here about 7-8 months and most promotions I see favor the players that I would not classify as “casual”.

This promotion is a great yearly best of the best of the best of the best type thingy. I look forward to taking a shot a couple months, to see if I can even get in this thingy, but I seriously doubt I can commit the time to shoot for a ticket every month.

A couple of times I suggested a promotion contest part of the forum, and thus contests for future promotions. I do think there are much fewer promotions for the newer players, or the casual players players. There are even ways to expand current leaderboards to include these type of players, but that will take this thread too much off topic in my opinion. Outside the promotions Replay runs each year, I feel that new promotions only help to expand the attraction of players. Without unique promotions, poker can get stale or boring sometimes.

One way to level the field would be to use some sort of ticket based system. Let’s look at the medium MTT leaderboard as an example…

On the first of each month, you would be issued 40 Med MTT tickets. You would be free to play as many medium MTTs as you want, but only those where you both pay the entry fee AND use a ticket would count towards the leaderboard standings. This would make the leaderboards more about ability and less about volume.

Note that the high volume players would still have an edge. They could act as “spoilers” in those tournaments where they didn’t spend a ticket. For example, if someone who didn’t spend a ticket were to win a tournament, it would make it impossible for someone who did spend a ticket to earn maximum points for that tourney.

I don’t see this as a problem, however. It would still give the high volume players an incentive to play often, but the leaderboards would still be way more balanced than they are now.

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Perhaps rather than trying to fix this promotion, which has the obvious purpose of trying to encourage more hours of play from the player base, but which you can’t do because of RL commitments (fair enough), how about coming up with a suggestion for a promotion which you could take part in. Variety = good. What sort of promotion would suit you?

sister thread on leaderboards… this is on the new championship thingy

I can’t find “director of promotions” but I have re-read rules for the new “championship” thingy. Due to the shear amount of hours played just to earn a ticket in any month, the fact that this is basically a “best of the best of the best” type of promotion, and there are a max of 60 tickets each month…

Dear Mr. Replay, please I emplore your staff … not to … use the ( top 50% of entrants ) cutoff rule for this promotion. If you really want to see who is the best, you must make every single place count. I would support a different formula also… a exponential formula, in this case, is counterproductive. Since niether are addressed in the rules, the staff has 2+ weeks to iron this out.

I’m looking at the MTT side, max 60 tickets… why not a simple yet fair …
points = ( 61 - (finishing place)) * 1000 …
The winner always gets 60k, and only due to multiple ticket holders does last place potentially get more than 1000.

I’m on the fence about suspending even the ( must be active for more than 50% to earn points ) rule, mainly due to the dynamics of those who entered and didn’t play, or those that weren’t around for more than 1/2 … and the added programming to figure out places…

1: You should be forced to deal with dead players… ie- those who enter and don’t play ( something noone around here makes players do )
2: Every place should matter towards points.

It all comes down to risk/reward for me. If a player accepts the risk (by paying the entry fee) how can anyone possibly deny them the chance of a reward?

Some players register hours in advance. Life happens, they forget they entered, something comes up, their ISP crashes and forces a regional internet outage or any of a number of other reasons might be at work.

It’s legal to be there and fold every hand, but not legal to not be there and fold every hand. What’s the difference? When you are “away,” your actions happen instantly. This makes the game run faster and benefits those playing.

If you build a big stack early, then go afk to coast to the rewards, so what? This doesn’t hurt anyone except the afk player, and it was their choice. Why enact rules to punish specific styles of play?

I agree with Sarah that every place should get at least some tournament points. I don’t see any rational reason for the “play 50%” rule.

If you say, “Yeah, but those who are away and fold every hand do better than those of us who play way too many hands and enter the pot with random rags,” well all I will say is that the problem doesn’t lie with the one who is afk.

Good point. I agree all players of the championship tournaments should earn tournament points.

Many Thanks all for all the feedback! This thread has been particularly insightful for us and I thought I would seize the opportunity and provide a quick update on the championship promotion and on leaderboards in general.

Regarding the Championship promotion, we will make sure everyone get tournament points when playing these tournaments. Our tech team is currently adding the possibility for us to customize the percentage of players receiving tournaments points in a tournament. This is something we will also be in a position to change to our current or future leaderboards if we wish to.

In addition, this Championship promotion is a ‘hardcore’ competition requiring players quite some play time. That said, we are looking at launching new leaderboards/competitions in 2017 that will require less play time and offer more schedule flexibility. These will be catered for more ‘casual’ players who also want to join some competitions without having to spend multiple hours at the tables each day.

We are all ears and we will be more than happy to hear further about what could be your ‘dream competition format’ on Replay. Our one and only goal is to offer you the game you like to play! So please keep on sharing your suggestions and wishes. :slight_smile:

Last month I qualified for this month’s MTT, and I noticed my ticket is valid for 10 months. I was under the impression that… and Champ MTT tickets won were ONLY valid for the following month’s Tournament. Some people get mult tickets in 1 month, I hope they are not allowed to use them in multiple months tournies.

Why aren’t the tickets just Valid for 28 days ???

Hey @Sassy_Sarah,

We indeed changed the expiration date of these tickets as we have received multiple queries from players who can’t always attend the next tournament. We decided to be more flexible with this competition. In addition, we thought that it was fair to let players win multiple tickets in one same month and use them in different Championship tournaments.

So basically, moving forward, players can use a Championship ticket on any month, by the end of the competition. All unused tickets will expire at the end of the promotion.

Well Shakeraise, the staff came up with the ultimate insanely hard promotion… then changed it cause it achieved exactly what it was meant to do… I’m dissapointed… 1 of the best parts was that the ultra maniacs that make 2-3-4 leaderboards at once, got no advantage in the following tourn… those ppl play 8-12 hrs a day, every day, every month…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… there should be a contest for players, to make the promotion… then for the best 1 to actually be implemented…maybee twice a year…

I have been here now almost a year, and I see the same reuse of ideas that sry to say, really aren’t fair… maybe thats on purpouse for revenue reasons, but it frustrates the hell outta us players…See the problem is Replay Poker right now has the best site for free poker and no download… it beats some sits with a download… So us players are stuck too, we don’t wanna leave, but we are trying to help Replay improve but in some ways it just stays the same…The staff is also awesome in not only responding to player concerns, but policing the site and chat issues. I get it , this isn’t my site or whoeverit’s site… its your site… you make the rules, you keep it profitable, you keep the servers going… and we play and pay hopefully…

I’m at the point now, that there is very little “challange” left for me here @ replay poker… I want to “have a life” offline, but I love poker and love a challange… I’m good enuff at poker that thats no longer the issue, I’m far from the best… I’m barely above average… but I want a challange… something more than any 1 MTT …

I’m gonna guess, a few of those ppl that ask’d for the tickets to be good longer, were’nt necessarilly trying for them, then were like… crap I can’t make it next month… So the staff changed it… I’m just severly dissapointed on that chg, thats all.

ohh well, thanks for your prompt response,

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Well said Sassy.