RPOS Leader Board Update

Lets face it people on this site are not here for cash and prizes, we are here for enjoyment purposes. We also enjoy meeting new friends who enjoy playing poker. As a person who participated in the National Tournament over july 4th weekend, one of the things that made the tourny fun for me was to check the daily leader board to c how i doing compared to my fellow players. I think Replay has missed a major chance to enhance the enjoyment of this tournament by not providing daily leader board up dates.(I rec’d an up-date after after event#4 and then after event #8 none since). The biggest shame is some of my friends i play with may have moved to top of leader board and then faded and will not receive the recognition for their acomplishment . Unlike the national tournament, this tourny i believe has had alot more leader changes. I might be wrong about interest in following the leader board, I did discuss the lack of up-dates with a moderator yesterday(during one of the events), she told me it was up-dated, then admitted she had not been to the site for a couple of days. I know u been having some table balancing issues which has taken alot of your time, but maybe u can set up some kind of day by day breakdown so people like me can view (like u have for red tok winners). In closing i have enjoyed this tourny very much and my expierence has greatly been enhanced because, unlike back in july, i now have alot more friends i have the pleasure of playing against. Again you run a nice site, hoping to have a good final run in this tourny and looking forward to more tournaments in the future. P.S. i do think your moderators are very nice so tell them not to spank me at the tables LOL!!!

Hi John.

You are totally right and i understand your feelings. The leaderboard is very important for this promotion. Personaly i like it very much to play for leaderboards, it gives a drive to play and it is exciting. Especially promotions for a short time. The leaderboard must be up to date.

Maybe it was better to wait untill ReplayPoker created the automatically leaderboard, but we wanted to start a big promotion. And due to circumstances it was not possible updating the leaderboard every time after the tourneys. Even not every day, what was planned.

It will be updated today. And i hope it is possible more times this weekend. Next promotion will be much better with an automatically updating leaderboard.

We all want the same:))…and working hard to get it. All the best. Greetings Happiness.

Thanks for the feedback johndqqq. Happiness pretty much said everything I was going to. We are planning on adding automatic leaderboards soon, similar to the one for the one we had in the promo in july, but instead of being on a different website it would be right here on ReplayPoker, where you see the current ‘manual’ leaderboard. We’re also working on automatic satellite tournaments and a new ticket system to replace the token one - so there are lots of cool things in the works.

thank u very much for the update. I love your site, wish you guys all the best. I already can c how my fellow players enjoy having the update. take care!!!