RWO format

Just my opinion on the different contests. The leader board where you get points to score as many points as you can in the ring games is a a farce. 1) no skill required 2) all ins in’s in abundance with any hand 3) Players playing 4 to 6 tables at once is totally ridiculous.This is not doing poker any justice .The formats where you play a certain number of games for the day is where you have to play sensible poker . that is the way to go.

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its why I don’t like these types of promotions. as you said they sign up bunch at a time, go all in to bust out, only to go join more, that not skill.

Yeah, there’s a few of us that run (or used to run, in my case) these marathon events in typical no-lifer fashion – 16 hours a day, 4-6 tables up, shove/fold, no regrets. We’ve made mention on the forums before that these formats are won by the most exploitative players. I even started a thread last year about how exactly to exploit the ring game points at that time.

It is what it is. If people want to no-life for a week at a time to pad their bankroll, let them. But I’m with you, the “best of X” type leaderboards require some modicum of skill and consistent play to do well.

Years back there was a frat house that was hard to beat in these marathon type events. That’s when I passed on these type of Tourneys.

Just exploit the terrible play in these things… you’ll make many more chips than they give out in the prize structure by winning the chips in the individual tournament pay out structures overall.

@cas ,
Whether its Ring pts or Tourn pts, a marathon is a marathon. Even “Best of” favors the play all day players. ( I think Foz mispoke and meant 1st of ) Speaking of … “1st of” while some think sample size is too small, is a much better option, or a set # per day.

But Cas, thats impossible to do for Rings. So they came up with a unified formula. Problem is tho, that turns all ring promos into marathon events. That is unless they find a way to track say 1st x# of hrs playing or # of hands played.

Its hard to find promos that aren’t exploitable by some segment of the Replay Community. Lets say you run a MTT every 3 hrs and track total pts. You still have those players that can play all 8 each day or in a day. More casual players will never be able to compete if they can only play 3-4 of them.

The other thing Cas is : the Ring formula is weighted such that “being seated for a hand” is the main way to earn pts. That favors playing as many tables simutaniously as possible to increase a players’s “hands played per hour”. While the casual player can try and catch up this way, the maniac player who plays all day this way cannot be caught by a casual player… only by another maniac player. You don’t even have to “play” the hand, just be there to see your hand and fold. @least if its “hands played” then it should be hands that you paid into or saw the flop, not just folded preflop.

I’m not saying that a SnG event using total pts isn’t a marathon, cause it is… Its just How exactly would you structure a fair way to do promotions for Ring games ? Such that no 1 group of players has the advantage ? Its harder to do, than you think.

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Why is there no swag offered for the Winter games ? Shouldn t the player that scores the most points be rewarded ? Just askin for a friend … but seriously and also it would be nice to see which players earned medals on some type of leaderboard

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I did, thanks.

Also, in my thread about the ring game points, I suggested using the “flops seen” metric. Granted, it won’t make much of a difference at a limp bingo table, but it makes it more difficult than just clicking the fold button 6 times a minute.

Further, I think BB won should be weighed even heavier such that simply “showing up” on 6 tables isn’t going to be a strong enough stream of points to compete.

But yeah, it’s going to be imperfect any way it goes. I wonder if it would be possible to keep track of avg. BB/hr (w/ some kind of minimum time played) and use that as a leaderboard? It would seem a bit more skill oriented while offering no explicit benefit to the all day players. I theorize that it would play out more like a “First 7” LB.

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What was the point of announcing that this year there would be 2 more medals added for 4th and 5th place Tin and Chocolate to win for our country if they are worth NOTHING and are NOT shown ??? If someone with a reason for this structure could please answer my question that would be appreciated … Thanks GOAT

Thanks for your feedback on the Replay Winter Games thus far! It’s helpful to hear what’s a hit and what isn’t, so I’ve sent this thread over to the promotions team so they can review what to use or change for the future.

Regarding the new medal types, I checked in with the promotions team and those are just for a bit of fun. There was some consideration to have them count on the medal table this year, but it was ultimately decided against, particularly as to not cause additional confusion with the contest that’s running on the forum.