New leaderboard types

I thought I should open the floor to discuss the new leaderboards, per the above thread by @fizzymint.

In regards to the “ring game points” I see a potential way to exploit it:

  • Sit at 6 tables with 9-Max seating and at least 3 players.
  • Fold every hand.
  • Gain 3 to 9 points per table per orbit just by sitting there (+ 18 to 54 pts).
  • Lose 1.5BB per table per orbit (-1.8 pts, neglecting the rounding toward zero).
  • Watch as you effortlessly climb the LB by clicking the fold box 6 times a minute.

It’s a good idea, in theory, but you may need to adjust the numbers a bit. I know you track the “flops seen” statistic, perhaps that or another stat would be a better metric to use? Feel free to weigh in on this idea.

The “SnG tournaments won” seems like a step in the right direction. It should narrow the disparity between shove/fold on multiple tables and a solid play style on one or two. Should be fun to watch.

I’m interested in seeing what the community thinks about these new LBs.


I totally agree with you, especially re ring games.


Me too, most of my time is spent on low stakes rings.

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alles nichts für mich! langweilig!!! zuviel gemauschel!

mangelhaft Deutsch:
Was finden Sie langweilig, der Forenbeitrag oder die Bestenlisten? :laughing:

What do you find boring, the forum post or the leaderboards? :laughing: