Enjoy new tourny's

I really love expanded number of freerolls, as well as, introduction of bankroll builders tourny’s. I think this will allow alot of newer players the chance to participate in tournament play. Still meeting many new friends on your site looking forward to next RPOS . Keep up the good job. All the best to u and your staff!!!

Hi johndqqq

Glad you like the new tournament schedule, the team tried to make the right balance, so every player can play tourneys, with low or higher buy-in. Every day Freerolls and Satellites, and many tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool.

Also there are 2 tournaments a day with a guaranteed prize pool of 1 MILLION CHIPS , worth to try them, buy-in is with a ticket (daily tournaments to win these tickets) or 15k. And on Sunday even 1 MILLION chips added increased with the buy-ins:)

Good luck and have fun:) Greetings Happiness.

Thanks for the feedback johndqqq!

Thanks again best to all!!!

Please let me add my kudos, you all. This site never ceases to amaze me. Firstly, it is like a secret little corner of the internet where people are poliite, friendly, even kindly (while still playing merciless poker). I’m happy it’s growing, and I’m happy that our new players seem to catch on quickly to the actual fun and excitement of playing good poker, making friends, and being pleasant. Secondly, the staff is incredible. Mention something, if it is a good idea it gets done. Problems get fixed quickly. Bugs get swatted. And all of this is done with courtesy and good will. Thirdly, letting those who can support the site by buying chips do so, and those of us who long ago made a deal with money to stay the heck away from each other, play for free. Thank you for this magical little place, your work, your care and all the fun!

Thanks MaggieCat, we really appreciate your kind words - and I’ve shared them with the whole team.