Brand New Single Table Satellites to 100K & 250K events

Brand new to the poker room and hot off the presses!

We have just launched two new kinds of single table satellite! These are 9 handed, single table events, with one prize, either a 12k buyin for a 100K ticket or 29K entry for a 250K tournament ticket.

These new events could be your ticket to glory in the forthcoming RPOS High Roller Showdown, which is round the corner.

Check out the SnG lobby and let us know your thoughts!



Very nice addition. Hopefully someday the site can offer variable payout satellites but until then, this seems to be a good way to control for overlay. I’d even like to see this expanded and offered for other buyins. The fixed payout structure protects the tournaments but should expand the fields, which is good for the regulars.

The rake on the 100K is a bit high IMO. I’m not sure if people understand how large an impact an 8% rake has. The 250K only has a 4.4% rake, which is far easier to beat. If I were to tweak these offerings, I’d expand them to cover more buyins and keep the rake beatable. In theory, people will use satellites to get into games higher than their bankroll allows. Also in theory, those games will be harder than the ones they are used to. A high rake in a satellite combined with a lower ROI in the MTT’s qualified into is mostly a -EV proposition.

If the site wants to encourage people to play these games, I’d like to see satellite rake lower to give players a better chance to show an eventual profit. In all fairness, I don’t know what the magic number is so these are just my impressions as if I were deciding to play in one for money.