Ticket sit n go tourneys

i enjoy the satelite tournements and was hoping that you could include at least one ticket sit n go where 1st place takes the ticket. It would mean i dont have to keep waiting around for the ticket tourneys and could play them whenever i want. I would really apreciate it because i enjoy obtaining tickets then using them to build my bankroll:) thankyou.

Furthermore, i would like to ask why there is a time limit fot the tickets? because if i did 2k tournaments for chips either way the 15k recieved chips would stay in my bankroll without expiring therefore i would much appreciate it if you could remove or possible extent the time limit and i hope you understand what im saying:)

Hi Meekez

I see your point, keeping the 15K tickets for bad times (using them when your bankroll is a bit low). Now you must use your tickets within 60 days after you won the ticket. You think that time must be longer? What time you have in mind?

Replay Poker not offers not yet many different kinds of satellites (tickets) at the moment. We have the Satellites for the 15K tickets (was before only for the 2 daily million tournaments, now for all daily tournaments with a buy-in of 15K) And this week Replay Poker runs the first Step promotion. There you must use your won ticket the next day (in the next Step)

I like the idea working with SnG tickets.

Great idea and worth to try it out in the coming months.

Thanks for your feedback! Greetings Happiness.

thankyou for the reply. In terms of the time limit for the tickets i would much appreciate it if it was extended to possibly 6 months or even (if possible) remove the time period. Thankyou for taking the time to reply and taking my idea into consideration and in terms of the more types of satellites omaha satellite would be a nice addition. I have asked a alot of question over recent moths on this forum and am very thankfull that you and other staff/moderators have replied and listen to each one. I much appreciate it and is why i think replay is the best free poker game :slight_smile: