Riddle me this, Batmen and Batwomen...

I had the strangest experience at a 4-person table, maybe the vets here can help me understand what unfolded. 4-person table, everyone is in the hand until the showdown. It doesn’t matter what’s in everyone’s hand as the table is showing A5555 <<< no one can lose this hand, it has a modest post from pre-flop shenanigans and what-not.

In the extremely rare instances that this has ever happened in my life (online or real live game), for grins… I go all-in.

And then everybody at the table folds. WHA?!?!? Now, I have to believe that anyone with a modicum of poker knowledge would know that we ALL have 4-of-a-kind with an Ace kicker. So was I playing with bots or something? Because I know it’s not about unfettered generosity.

The rake from the all in bet may have been higher than the share of the multi way split pot. If you could link the hand number someone will have an idea


It was 1071035176 and @feelmysins makes a good point.

The rake cap is 1,000 for that table and calling such a big bet means an extra 970 chips would be taken.
Rake is 5%, therefore calling 20,000 costs each of the two players almost 500 chips in rake and only returns half of the 570 pot.

One way to look at it is that it was a good bet, as long as your opponents are able to let go of their hands, but it is somewhat risky.

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