My plan worked. Setup the table

I had been playing at this table for about an hour, never going all-in, just putting in small amounts on bluffs and gradually raising them but never too high. I was getting called on the bluffs quite a few times, but it wasn’t such a a large amount that it mattered. Then I had this hand. I got 2 to come along. Did I go all in too soon?

Both callers of your all-in bet were hoping to improve, but they didn’t brick, brick.

The third spade did come on the turn which beats you easily if someone had 2 spades.

You should have realized this and held off the all-in.

Yes, you did go all-in too soon.

In fact, you shouldn’t have gone all-in at all during that hand.

The way it played out after the flop with a flush draw.

A good player at this table observing your risky play would certainly take note.

You did win the hand.

You can say, " The higher the risk, the higher the reward. "

Or you can say, " The higher the risk, the higher the reward for the other player. "

It’s an interesting play.

Thanks for sharing it on here.

I knew I was taking a chance on the other players not having cards for the flush. When the play went down, the first 2 cards I noticed was the K’s as they were both black cards; but then once I actually saw they were K’s; my peripheral vision picked up the other 2 cards on the right which were red, so I was able to breath a sigh of relief a little. Also my thoughts were that If I didn’t go in where I did, would I have had the guts to call someone if they started betting high, portraying to have the flush when the spade came out on the turn. Not sure I’d have been able to call that if the person with trip K’s had done that. Yea, It would have been a lot less chips involved, but my thinking is, I’ll never get anywhere just playing tight. I was expecting the player on the left to call, but was unsuspecting the one on the right. Then it really threw me off when all the player on the right had was J’s.

I will say there are times when I play tight, and other times I’ll play a little loose. Just all depends on the other players at the table.

I think Ex is right. Still glad you won!

cu soon

The only other thing I can think of regarding flopping a straight vs trips is the Negreanu vs Lindgren hand.
It begins at the 6:00 minute mark on this video > Daniel Negreanu Worst Poker Hands | High Stakes Poker - YouTube