Help with this type of hand

Hi rp friends,

Any suggestions or advice on hand # 254465527? I seem to get sucked out frequently if I slow play especially vs. low chip persons. When i make a large bet; someone always calls to the river and hits their miracle card.

Thank you :smile:

I’m not a big fan of min raising preflop. Of course the K10 was going to call 220 once he already had limped for the original 220. Your min raise there didn’t accomplish anything other than building a bigger pot. I would have made it about 1,000 preflop.

Checking the flop was risky. For that matter, slow playing anything less than a full house is risky. At that point, you almost certainly had the best hand, you should have bet it. I would have bet about half the pot.

The turn was a dangerous card for you. It put a spade flush draw out there and A3, 33, JJ or AJ would have you crushed. I would have shoved the turn anyway, You bet half the pot. When the guy to your left called, K10 was getting 4-1 to call. It was a mistake for him to call, even considering implied odds.

He hit his perfect card and checked the river. (?!) At that point, AJ, AQ, A3, 33, JJ, QQ, or K10 had you beat. He had to have something to call the turn. Yeah, he might have been on a flush draw or straight draw than missed, but I would have checked behind. The pot was too big for your allin to make him fold a better hand, and he wasn’t going to pay you off with many hands weaker than your’s, so what were you hoping to accomplish there?

Points to ponder…

It’s rarely correct to minraise preflop, especially with limpers already in.

It’s rarely correct to slow play

When you are only getting called by better hands, consider checking

Dear SunPowerGuru,

Thank you so much for your ideas and thoughts. I really enjoy reading
your many comments on this site. Much of it is above my head but

Think I raised preflop to get a idea of strength of others. I usually
don’t like to make a large bet preflop because there are so many " all in "
calls at my playing level. I did want to build a bigger pot hoping to win
it. Yes I slow played the flop which is risky. hoping to build that pot.
I should have made a larger bet or gone all in. The turn card was
horrible , I could see trouble coming. I bet half the pot hoping for a
fold. Many low chip players are calling stations but will fold to an " all
in" bet. So as I’m usually a cautious player ( I fold alot ) I decided to
be bold and go for it :slight_smile:

I have recently had numerous bad beats. They say that’s good because my
cards were better & they got lucky by hitting a 1 or 2 out card. But after
endless suck outs and my AA’s getting beat by 5/8 off all the time. I
believe the word is Frustration !

Again thank you for your time to check my hand & give some great advise.:grin: