Why are there so many SPLIT POTs for LOSING hands here & nowhere else on Earth?

Especially this week, I’ve seen SPLIT POTs for LOSING hands, GO CRAZY!

One hand beats the other does it not?

The Players had equal funds in the game.

Typical story; One Player has AA/10,10 Other has QQ/10,10.

There’s a Split Pot.

Is it some kind of CONSOLATION PRIZE?

All I know is, It’s only happened to Myself when I have the WINNING hand & that’s twice since I started.

All this week I’ve seen it happen to other players.

I’ve been reading “WTF” so much in CHAT that I wish I received 1 chip for every time I’ve read it & I could play a HIGH ROLLER tournament.

I write back; WELCOME to REPLAY!

Post one of the hands.

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Sorry if I’ve misread but I believe it’s all about what’s on the board, not just in a player’s hands. Split pots are usually the case if all hands at showdown are equal ( same types of cards) or the winning hands are a lower value than what’s on the board. ( Pair of 10s for two players will be split if there is a higher value card on the board for instance). I know that the game doesn’t give you any time to dissect what happened because it automatically moves onto the next hand, with only the Dealer messages in the chatbox to explain the outcome. Also, that’s just Texas Hold’em, obviously slightly different rules for other types of games.


Happens all the time EVERY-PLACE, just playing small cash game n board was straight (nuts) and 4 players split.

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Sorry, Mr.Mustrepley2everythread first.

I simply don’t have the time for this.

I’m in the game & waiting for good cards!

(They have to appear sometime)

Thanks for Reply.

:slight_smile: Aww, this your first week of poker. If u played anywhere u would see split pots with board games like every single day lol:):slight_smile:

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Let’s see one of the hands, ok


And yet you had time to gripe about split pots without an example of what you’re griping about; then you had time for a snarky reply, also without posting an example of your complaint. Personally, I’ve never seen a hand where two pair, where one hand was clearly stronger than the other, like AATT split a pot with a hand like QQTT, at least not in holdem.


I think @KILLMISTER was playing Omaha or Omaha H/L and the winning hands were a Straight 10 - Ace which would provide a split pot.

I have never seen Replay’s algorithm for winning hands or payouts to be incorrect when in doubt always review the Replay hand.


Thank you. That makes sense, since an AT straight is a straight no matter how you achieve it, unless it’s a straight flush for one of the players.


You are flat out misinterpreting what you see. Post a hand the next time you are dead certain this happened, and it will be explained.


RING games ONLY!

No OMAHA, I don’t know how to play/Win those games.

MANY boards have a full house, straight etc. (especially at re-play lol ) or just same hands… Happens all the time here or in cash games. (Ring games).

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Just post one of the hands for us to see, please:)

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An obvious example of this is when the cards on the board make it impossible for any players hole cards to create a better 5 card hand.


So this board will always result in a split pot, as no hole cards could give any player a better 5 card holding.

Similarly, many boards will counterfiet many hands. So on the board below, if no player had a T, 7, A, or pocket pair 88 or higher, then the pot would be split among all players.


But as to way this only happens on Replay and no where else on Earth… well, that would obviously be because you live in a parallel universe that none of the rest of us have ever visited.


AWWWW, TY, but honestly, us who cannot understand split hands ought to try go fish lmao:)

Which Replay game has 4 dealt down cards other than Omaha or Omaha H/L?