Rabbit Hunter

For me, 99.99% of the time I have no interest in seeing the rabbit card, but there has been once or twice I would have been willing to pay to see the card. How much is another question.

What if RP offered a “Rabbit” button. If, at the end of the hand you want to see the rabbit card, you click show rabbit card. Only you would be able to see the card and no one else would know that it was you specifically who looked.

But, to make it interesting, AND to ensure someone isn’t leaning on the rabbit button after every hand, there will be a price to see the rabbit card. Now what that price is I haven’t give much thought to, other than to suggest the "rabbit’ fee be split between the winner of the hand and RP.

There might even be another interesting option, if the hand winner doesn’t want the rabbit card exposed, the winner can decline the rabbit card fee payment and the card is not revealed. But, half of the fee still must be paid to RP regardless of whether a card is shown. All of this is done anonymously.

It seems to me it would be a great way to “increase the rake” without actually having to increase the rake since the rabbit button action would be voluntary. RP might also considering making the rabbit card available only to players who’ve bought chips, as an inducement to purchase chips, at least once.

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OK, I’ll nibble. What’s up Doc? What is a “Rabbit Card”?

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I apologize. The “Rabbit card” is the next card that would have been dealt had the hand continued. Some players want to see the card they would have caught had they not folded.

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That’s OK, thank you.


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once I am out of the hand I do not care what else transpires, thus I am not a fan of the “show”. Whats done is done.lets get on with it


I don’t know of ANY casino anywhere that allows rabbit hunting, and most private club games forbid it, too. In both California and Nevada, it’s not simply "against the rules, it’s illegal–meaning if the casino gets caught allowing it, they’ll be fined and could lose their license to operate. That’s a very significant consideration from their point of view. What you do across the kitchen table is up to your house rules, but in public, no way. Just sayin’.


It wouldn’t work out the way youre thinking anyway because its using an RNG, each card is individually dealt randomly it doesn’t shuffle the whole deck and keep it in that order like in a live game so whatever card the rabbit hunt showed, may not be the card that would have been dealt while the hand was live and may cause you to make a bad decision on the next hand, probly best to just tell yourself you made a good fold and be done with it


Most probably agree including zmansuncle the OP. Its suggested as a novelty or extra feature for interest sake. If implemented correctly it wouldn’t significantly slow hand play down. Might even create more action but probably just be more for fun & interesting.


Im not a massive fan of the idea in general BUT I like your thought process. For me what your trying to do is add an interesting & new fun element to the game - which I think is great. Other poker sites add interesting & unique features.

I think if it were added to RP it would need to be in a very limited way or on a very limited amount of tables. I would not want this on all tables. If implemented and added it would need to be done so in a way so as not to slow game play down significantly - which is the concern from myself & other players (educated assumption). Would it be only a ring game feature or considered for some limited SnGs & MTT?

Personally - as you alluded to - its very rare Im interested in “rabbit hunting”. Maybe I fold on the flop & turn a straight flush or royal flush draw etc.

Having said that I know that pro players do ask the dealer to rabbit hunt in some televised cash games like Doyle Brunson on HSPoker - hence its not a bad or irrelevant suggestion. The problem is its extremely rare & in an entire episode comprised of hours of play your lucky to see it once or twice if ever at all.

Whats the point of “rake” on free poker or play chip poker site/apps? Many pros or YouTube poker content creators ask this question. I think rake simply curbs or slows inflation on RP. I view rake simply as Tax. However “we” - the players - understand & view rake, increasing it generally goes against the player and I don’t think it accomplishes much for RP, free & play money poker anyway. Real money poker sites are offering the opposite: reduced rake bonus or rake back incentives.

The sentiment or idea generally is very good. Whatever you want to call it: inducement, incentive or reward etc is a great idea. Personally I will never buy chips bc I’ll never need to nor will I make a donation which I personally think is disappointing that RP is missing out on financial support/profit from myself & many players.

@Alan25main Online poker (pay or play chips) would have different rules to follow in order to operate legally worldwide than individual casinos that need to comply with local state & country laws. Trying to apply these casino or live poker laws etc is almost entirely irrelevant & wrong.

Keep in mind RP isn’t WSOP main event, “rabbit hunting” is purely entertainment for the players & viewers. It has almost no bearing on the actual game.

Doyle Brunson & many other Pros occasionally ask the dealer to “rabbit hunt” in televised cash games with over a million dollars on the table. These are not friendly amateur “kitchen table” low stake games. I’ve seen it a few times on HSP & other poker TV shows. They do operate fairly casually generally speaking much like relaxed house games with the house or event “rules”. The various poker games or events I have seen have a wide difference in rules. Players often talk about these rules, & what is acceptable or legal at that particular game etc.

Similarly I doubt RP would have any trouble with with the rules they must abide by in order to operate legally if they indeed implement this “rabbit hunt” option.

If the suggestion is that the player who pays gets to see the card, I’m ok with that. If the suggestion is that all players can see it, I would request a mute option so If you don’t want to see it you don’t.
I have enough trouble with patience and discipline at the tables without an eyeworm putting ideas in my head.

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My suggestion was only player(s) who are willing to pay would get to see the rabbit card, could be all the players (including those no longer in the hand) or none. Part of my the motivation for the suggestion was to potentially help newer players get a better sense of when to make a weak call just hoping to catch the case card they need.

I see lots of players (particularly newer ones) on RP who call nearly every hand, all the way to the river. Okay, fair enough, after all they are your chips. BUT, so long as you are giving away chips, perhaps giving away a few more might improve your game since blindly calling every hand isn’t. By extension, hopefully the nature of the play at the table will improve as well. Better players makes a better game.

IF, RP was a cash site, I’d be happy with players giving away chips, but so long as they aren’t, I’d much prefer to be playing poker, than bingo. If having a Rabbit card improves someone else’s game, fine by me. I want to play poker, not accumulate valueless chips and watch my ranking go up.

I say again, the option would only be available to those players who’ve bought chips (at least once), so unless you are directly contributing to RP you wouldn’t get this option. If you never need buy chips, then Rabbit hunting is not going to improve your game.