Showing next card when the play is dead after the flop or turn?

I know that me and other players would love to see that next card that would have come out.Would be a great addition but thats just my input!

We used to have something called Rabbit hunting in Home games I played in, but it doesn’t work in Live casinos or online for a number of reasons

Players try to abuse it to work out what the bettor had, because sometimes the exposed cards will be the Ace or middle-pin straight card they were supposed to be betting with
It adds a bit longer to every hand where it happens
There have to be Rules about whether its Free. Such as, does anyone who does not ask for it and therefore does not want to pay any nominal fee, get to see the card. Even then they can be told for free by someone who looks
People who don’t want to know cant unsee the card once its shown and it affects their mindset when they would have hit just as much as the curious players who wanted to see

To be honest its pointless because you might as well look at the 5th card or the 25th card. None of them were ever going to come once everyone folds

Rob, Chasetheriver