* Future Options Follow-Up Survey: Unofficial

Please check any number of options you’re interested in seeing. These are the suggestions that came in as additional options during my last survey.

  • Ability to show one card when play is down to two players
  • Display all tournament points won so others can see (better data about skills than chips?)
  • Display percentage of wins versus hands played (again, better data about skills)
  • Offer “short deck” games (a poker game variant of Texas Hold 'em, where the 2 through 5 cards are removed from the deck)
  • Remove players sitting out / never arrived after just 5-10 hands

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With the sitting outs you at least get to reap their chips while they are on the board. I mean its irritating to a degree, but chips are chips. Any thoughts on this before the change?

Toss em out !!!




Wow that’s cruel, LOL

You asked for thoughts, that’s mine along with the other votes so far.

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I like getting their chips, that’s for sure. But it depends on my position in relation to the greyed out guys. I’ve had the impression in the past that there’s a better position to be in relation to them and a worse, in terms of chips available, but I have to try to remember why I thought that.

I’m so tired of coming in 4th in SNGs while a grey player ends up 2nd or 3rd and in the money while they are napping on the sofa!!! So many other players feel the same way. There has to be a number of hands or time factor to boot them out of the game. The way it is now is all a player has to do is get to the next blind level to stay in the game until the blinds eat up the chips and by that time most of the actual playing players are gone.


Thank you Craig for stating this!!! I agree 100%! It happens in MTT’s way too much!!!


I would like to see players at ring tables that bust out removed after one hand. Leaving them sit like zombies while others are on a wait list is terrible!


You’re welcome. Just calling it like I see it, very frustrating.

I’m a show one card vote…zombies at tables still give up chips so i’m ok with that!

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I agree with removing idle players. It’s perfectly reasonable if you need to go to the bathroom or something immediate happens away from the screen, a quick time-out is fine in my opinion, but absolutely no way should anybody be able to use it to their advantage in order to progress in a tournament. Definitely punt them out like a football.


I’m all for booting players from tournaments who have left and are being blinded down, but for ring games, if I have to take a leak or grab a snack, i’d rather not have to race there and back in order to not lose my seat. Maybe a “save my seat” option can be used to give a player who plans to return 5-10 mins to get back, otherwise if they don’t select that option, boot them immediately.

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Also, I’m hoping for fold & show as an option. maybe that was in the last survey and didn’t make the cut. but, I’m just really wanting the ability to needle players who are betting the nuts by showing a big laydown. This might allow players to put nits on tilt, which I think is fantastic.

Display stack value in Big blinds for both cash games and tournament would be good too!

I like the way you think lol. This idea and the showing one card would make the game more interesting and fun!
Deadbeats at the table don’t bother me much,especially if they have chips .