Rabbit Hunting

When a player wins a pot without a showdown, some players want to know if they would have won had they stayed in the hand longer. To “rabbit hunt” means to ask the dealer to expose what cards would have come if the player decided to play his hand. Generally, these players want to see if they would have hit their straight, flush,etc. While this is frowned upon in casino’s and tournaments, in most informal games it is allowed.

Couple of approaches to implement this:

  1. A player who had folded before the hand finished could pay (perhaps in play chips) to see what the community cards would have been (note, nobody else would be else to see them.

  2. Or if you win a hand unopposed, you could choose to rabbit and see what cards would have come, but you’d pay the penalty of having reveal your hole cards.

I really like this idea… I have seen it b4 on certain sites and it’s always good 2 know WHAT IF? Should be easy to implement on here…

I like it too!

When i poker with friends, i hate it when they say ‘Lets see what had come’

In most cases i had won with those cards. But I can image n that others would like it. If it is a ‘option’ and not a must there is allways a possible to give this a go.

Be nice to try it out.both options plz.

Just another delay in an already slow played game

selected rooms only pls ( may name it similar) then ok

Any chance you would add an option to see the rabbit card?

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Thank’s for the suggestion Dan. Were you thinking along the same lines as I suggested about a year ago. Let us know your thoughts!

Must have missed your earlier suggestion about the rabbit hunt. Other sites I play offer it as an option. If it is something you want to see just turn it on if not leave it off. Only the players who choose to see it will.

Thanks Paul

Cool, will do.

Just came onto share this idea, I see you got there first Phil.

My suggestion is an option in the settings to turn off or on Rabbit Hunting.

Individual players could see or not see the remainder of the community cards as they wish. The cards could be shown in the time it takes for a player to muck a hand. The cards only need a quick flash, players know what they need to make a hand so would see it in an instant.

The only reason not to add rabbit hunting in is that some don’t see the point of it and would get annoyed at the time taken to reveal the rest of the comm cards, but a split second is all you really need. Most times, you want to see the river after a fold. You can see that in the time it takes RP to move the pile of chips in the middle over to the winning player.

This is a great idea, so lets not do it. LOL