It's time for "the talk" about playing at RP

As a little backround,I play mostly FR and 1/2,2/4 and occasionally 5/10 ring games and I want to preface my comments by saying that I don’t believe RP “fixes” games or hands.

That said,over the last month or two,I can’t believe how many times(during FR) that I’ve been moved from table to table 2 or more times before I get to play a hand. It’s almost laughable,especially when the dreaded red letters tell me,after the 2nd or 3rd switch,I have to sit out(as the SB) the next hand, ONLY to be moved to ANOTHER table.Coincidence ? I hope so.

The Clock. Okay,so when we near the bubble I play the clock.Many do,and it’s just as much,if not more strategic,than the All In maniacs one must wade through to get into the “money”. My beef is that when I run the clock down a few times straight,ALL OF A SUDDEN,the (my) clock gets shorter by at least 20 % if not A FULL QUARTER !!!. Please RP, 'splain that to me.

Finally,regarding random generating algos. Are the cards dealt during a hand going to be the same,regardless of time and who plays what ? As an example,if you play the lottery and let the computer pick your numbers(Quik pik), if you wait a second,more or less,you will get a different combo of numbers than if you didn’t. Is that how the cards are dealt? Or is each hand in essence dealt as if from a virtual deck of cards,meaning that time or action has no effect on the cards that are dealt for a particular hand ?

If I need to clarify what I’m asking, feel free to ask. I love RP. Thanks, Finn007.

first of all, i’m not sure if you are talking about ring or tourneys, in the beginning you are referring to ring games but not much later you are describing table movement and bubble stages (both are only in tournaments). i see you also asking about a shortened clock the RNG.
long story short: maybe it’s just because i’m tired, but the question looks a bit unclear to me. do you wanna know if the RNG is real, why the clock shortens and when, or how to play strategical on the bubble, or why table movement is nessecary, or all of the above?

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From an old post by gatzby. At the time of the post gatzby was part of the replay team.

"Here’s how the dealer works: For each hand, we create a new deck deck of cards ordered lowest to highest. A card is then randomly selected from that deck and put it into another deck. This process is repeated until every card has been randomly selected from the first deck and moved to the second deck. After the second (entirely random) deck is complete, the dealing process begins from the top of the deck just as you would have in real life poker. As mentioned before, this process has absolutely no knowledge of anybody’s hands or previous decks."
So it would appear that once the deck is created it is dealt off the top, one card at a time, like a physical deck and is table specific.


I want to know why the clock in tournys times me out early only after I have let it fully run down a few times in a row.Sometimes it(the early timeout) happens right after the little reminder chime goes off,but mostly around the 10’Oclock position.Again,if/when this happens is always after I have let the clock run down a few times in a row,it feels like a punishment or something.

The table moves,again referring to FR tournys and I understand are necessary,seem to have gone on overdrive.Lately,I have been moved, at times, to 3 tables before I get to play a hand.Enough so that I’d like an explanation.The worst is being moved a couple of times only to have to sit out the SB hand and then being moved yet again, before the “sit out” hand has ended.Like I said,it can get almost laughable if it weren’t so frustrating.

ah ok, i get it now.

as far as i know there are two reason why a clock can get go quicker then usual:

1: there are speed tables and normal tables, you can find the speed tables by watching the 3 icons left of teh table when in the lobby, if it has a lightning bolt attached, its a speed table.

2: this one seems much more likely since you also mentioned you got folded at the same time the warning sound appeared. which is that your computer just reacts too slowly, this could also have a few reasons:
2A: there are too many things open in your computer (most likely the lobby), these things slow it down making it appear like you have less time to react,
2B: your computer is too old, can’t really give a depth explanation since i don’t know enough about it, but it can be a reason.
2C: can’t verify this one myself since i only have firefox, but i’ve heard about it here a few times so i assume it’s true. but i’ve heard firefox gives some more troubles here then other browsers, so switching to another (like chrome) could also fix some issues.

hope this helps, if not feel free to ask.


Thanks to both yiaz and whoE for answering my questions. To whoE’s answer,it sounds plausible but ,w/ tongue firmly planted in cheek, where’s the burn cards in your explanation ? or do we just “trust” the computer?

As to yaz explanation,again plausible BUT 1) Are there speed tables salted throughout the Freeroll tables ?

  1. It’s possible that it’s my comp. as it’s a WIN 8.1 and I rarely shut it down but that would mean it chooses to mess with me only after I have let the clock run down a few times in a row before it starts punishing me with shorter clock times. If it wants some “downtime” it should just ask,not wait for such critical moments playing RP freerolls.I’m gonna have to have a talk with this thing.I just hope it doesn’t have sharks, with lasers.
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Expressed in its simplest terms, YES, we do have to trust the computer. If we’ve reached the point when our computers purposely lie to us, then the darned things are ALIVE, not machines any longer. Further, since everything we do here–even typing replies to posts–is done via computer, if we can’t trust them, we need to kiss the modern world goodbye and go live in the days of the riverboat when it was MUCH easier to cheat at cards (there’s a medium sized library of books on card cheating going back to the Middle Ages). As to the possibility that the programmer has hidden cheats in the operating system, we customers can do nothing about it except a) accept it and play anyway because it’s fun or b) go find some other computer not to trust, perhaps the one our bank uses. I’m pretty sure my adding machine tells me the truth, though, and I know my abacus still works.


bravo well said my man, I could even understand this lol. and I learned something to lol.

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I disagree with the explanation as the computer being to old. I also use the clock to my advantage when playing free rolls. The clock will speed up on me also. It will not be consistent. I have not read a proper explanation of it yet. I really do not care because I have adjusted to it. I do not mind being moved from table to table. Sometimes it helps u to make the top 27. I would also tell everybody “Relay” is a business. I would tell everyone that I would not accuse Replay for having a fixed game however they make money by selling chips and the newbies and the players that buy chips will be treated accordingly. It is a lot harder to finish in the top 27 than in the past. That is also due to all the “Kamikaze” players who want to see how many players they take out before they are eliminated in free rolls.

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 I remember answering a letter, stating that I play mostly week ends. But what I would like to know is Facebook control the games, and the none Facebook players get a raw deal in playing.

…loosing most of their play. Just want to know.

My experience here suggests Facebook has no control. I am not a Facebook player. My profits have gone up fairly consistently for the few years I have played on this site.

Thank you, Waltzingmati, for your comments. Facebook has captured most of all gaming,  sweepstakes, and other interacting media. Mobil and TV. And there are some situations a person can't enter unless they sign with Facebook first. But I believe RP is fair, and I also have not experience any thing except my bad play.

…Thank you again for your comments