Problem with Grand Canyon

i am playing Grand Canyon right now - we went to final table and it has me blued out like i am on sidelines with no way to get back in. I was either 1st or second cant play its just taking my chips away

Hi matman69

I’ve sent it to the staff. It is very irritating not knowing why some players have this problem and others not. And it happens sometimes, not every time. The tech team is working on it, but it is still not working perfect i see.

Not sure which browser you use, the best is using Google Chrome. Also your flash player “Adobe” must be up-to-date. And it helps to remove your cookies (and browser history regulary)

But i forwarded it to the staff. They let you know more soon.

Greetings Happiness.

Sorry to hear that matman69, like happiness said, it must have been extremely annoying. We’re investigating some reports of issues of rebalancing then losing your seat. I’ve added your comment to the investigations. Hopefully we’ll have it resolved real quick - thanks for your patience!

i have yet to hear anything or be credited for this tournament. Due to being in the top 2 i would think I would at least get my entry fee back

Sorry for the delay in posting an update. Last week we had a lot of reported issues and we were literally swamped (along with the fact that Andrew who works in Support was on holiday). I’ve refunded your buy-in matman69 along with some compensatory chips given that you were in the top spot.

I believe this was the tourney and you finished in 5th:

As for the issue itself, we’re continuing to work on investigating the cause, it’s top-priority for us, but it’s not an easy problem to fix. Thanks for your patience and understanding.