Software problem?

First of all, sorry for my English.

I try to tell you my problem as simple as its possible, I didn’t found the right place to report, so I gonna report here.

Since this morning, I entered 2 Tournament game, in both I played around 25 minute, and in the last I get almost never a pair or straight, flush etc… In the First tournament I always got High cards Like A-K K-Q, A-10 , But every time my hand was cool, the table was like : 2-2-3-7-8 , Or when I get low cards like 2-5 ,4-3, the table was A-A-6-10 etc, after a time it was suspicious for me, It was impossible to play, because really never get any useful card, no chance to win. I met a guy now, some minute ago, who told me, he was in the same problem but he played in big chips 400K + ( I only playing ing max.5 k entry) and after he reported to developers they solved the problem, and he got refund.

So where else I can report my problem, I think its more than just being unlucky, it is very very suspicious, always different numbers, symbols,colors, never a pair in hand or flush, in hours…

Please report your issue to