Rpos # 9

I was locked out again, this time by the time i was seated over half my chips were gone. Have to reevaluate my time on this site. Love the players however if i can,t get on the table to play what’s the point.

I think most of the players had the same problem in this tourney. I saved 2 hands (i had to open the new table manually twice too) and sent it to the tech team. I hope they can solve this problem soon.

Sorry johndqqq, we’re experiencing some technical problem and the engineers are investigating it now, it seems to be a problem with rebalancing on the tournaments. Hopefully we’ll have this fixed, at the lastest by tomorrow, but hopefully later today.

I can imagine how frustrating it must be :frowning:


Thankfully this is fixed now. If you should have any more problems do let us know.