Connection issues in Tourney play

Don’t normally have any issues with deals when playing normal poker, but it seems to freeze up and lag badly lately during tourney play. Its almost unbearable the past few nights. I actually went “all in” early tonight because I just can’t play in those conditions. Anyone else having these problems??

I am too, two-tabling with maybe the Replay dashboard open in another window. Pretty much all the time, I’m at least playing two tables side by side on my laptop, but I don’t recall this lag on ring games, but I’m not totally sure.

trying clearing cache and cookies

I tend to agree

didn’t help

Didn’t help me either. Didn’t seem to be as bad last night, but still getting a lag and/or freezing issues. Hopefully it is better tonight.

hi howie
not sure if this will help but i finally freed up enough hard disk space
to install chrome browser. the replay poker site is completely
superior. once you try chrome you will never go back to explorer.
oh course you could be on a mac or android or google operating
i noticed when i compressed my hard disk to free up space the
chrome browser became sluggish and had lag.
when i free up some space on my hard disk i will reinstall chrome.
with chrome all of the data updates real time. with explorer you
have to hit refresh button to update the website.

i also found out the hard way that if your hard disk is almost full
you get disconnected all the time and have trouble getting into
the poker table to play.(and also have trouble getting into the replay
poker web site at all)

i hope this might help someone with solving their problem with lag.

I’ll second that… making sure the hard disk of your computer has free space is really important to ensure the best possible experience on the site. If you’re finding Replay starts to slow down, it could well be because you’re running out of disk space. The problem is that if you then free up space, you need to defragment your disk, otherwise there’s a good chance it’ll remain slow. If none of what I’ve just said means anything to you, then I suggest grabbing your favorite tech geek family member or friend to give your old grey box some much needed TLC.

Thanks guys. Things worked just fine last night in the Royal tourney, so hopefully I got things squared away.