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{rolls eyes} :roll_eyes:

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Well, as good as I am, there has got to be some reason that I occasionally lose.

I hesitated a long time before posting this - I don’t like polemics - but that was a bit too much. Your sentence “desperately looking for any external reason to be suspicious or find excuses for their sometimes very weak play” is not only incorrect, but also insulting.
I don’t feel personally involved, because I’ve certainly never screamed: “This site is rigged!”, but I’d like to express my opinion about it.
I have played here since October 2016. It didn’t last long to realize that I not only had to fight against the other players or the lack of luck, but also against the program.
As a true philosopher, I took it into account. While playing in a tourney, I often needed all my willpower and the strong wish to win to fold a good hand, because I knew there would be in the end a better one, and not because of probabilities, but just because of that specific constellation of cards.
In the long term it is however a little frustrating for a passionate poker player such I am, but since I have a good sense of humour and I am totally relaxed at a poker table, instead of playing to win, I often play a game for my own entertainment alone: “Prove me wrong”.
I have some favourite constellations either at Omaha hi-lo or at Hold’em, and I win my own game EVERY time. Unfortunately, I might add, because I’d really wish to be proven wrong, at least once in a while! That would considerably increase my pleasure of playing here. The friend who invited me to join RP, an excellent poker player, left the site for this reason. This is a great pity, but I can’t completely blame him.
Please note that I’m not whining, I won many tournaments during these months, I (mostly) enjoy the company, and am very thankful for all the work you put into offering a good poker site.
I’m just asking you to critically revisit some parts of your program, instead of ignoring a priori every negative remark about it, or, even worse, treating people as visionaries or petulant players. The statement I’ve often read that this site is much better than all the others, isn’t quite satisfying. I don’t see why it should not be improved.
Obviously, if you’ll tell me (I hope, at least, you’ll bother) that you have created the perfect software, which doesn’t need the least improvement, I’ll shake my head, but I’ll accept it. I’m a guest here, after all. And I’ll keep on playing my game, at least as long as I’ll be able to laugh about it.

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Wow, I guess if I am ever at a table with you I will just leave…:slight_smile:

I fear you misunderstood me (my fault, I suppose). Quite the opposite, do stay, whenever you see me, because very often I don’t play to win the hand, but just to prove that my theories are correct. LOL So I call against my best judgement till the river, and I win my own game, but I lose the hand.

I’d think you’re great in “range thinking” aka “No way he has the flush on the river … ohh, 74 sooted, nh”
Been there, done that :slight_smile:



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Hi Mirella,
I agree with everything you said. And I totally see where you’re coming from.
I have also noticed, as I’m sure many others have as well, that the odds of every game are nothing like they would be in real life. I am also not complaining and not blaming any losses on the software or the programming. I tend to win much more than I tend to lose. But it is worth noting that the majority of the hands in any given game are dramatic and defy the probabilities of a real life game of poker.
For example, the recurrence of flushes and full houses, which are supposed to be rare in real life, raises questions. Not just from hand to hand, but in the same hand. When 5 out of 9 players have a flush on the same hand, or 3 players have a full house while a 4th player has quads on the same hand, happening almost every other hand, it shows that the program is never giving realistic odds, but purposely adding the dramatic effect to the game, probably to make it appeal to more players. I’m not saying it favors one player over another, it’s definitely random, but at the same time it’s not realistic. This in my opinion creates a gap between real poker players, and online poker players. No real life player would enjoy the surrealism of the game, and online poker players will become programmed to expect the unexpected and count on the surrealistic rivers to save their hands and their bets.
The game is still fun, and this site is still amazing, but a bit more realism wouldn’t hurt that much in my humble opinion.
Good luck all and see you at the tables.

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---- Online Poker’s Reputation - Is it Rigged or Real? ----

Dear RailBird, this is no harder than … since its not live there will always be claims of it being un-real… because its just bits of info being sent to you.

Now since you have all this actual experience over the years, it should be impossible for you to tell us that casino’s don’t have a arsenal of dirty little tricks they use to get everyone to spend more money… hell even department stores do as do many other companies.

Since the premise of the title assumes its one or the other, there are prolly many examples where extremely shortsided code, while being 100% real, ends up looking rigg’d…

RailBird, you also cannot tell me that any casino in the world, would crack a new deck EACH HAND, and then without a wash, shuffle it 1 time then deal… but thats in effect (basically) what Replay does, and it by its implementation lends itself to wierd outcomes more often that should occur.

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This one didn’t get dumped into that black hole called The Fairness Debate.
Ask yourself why.

Just wait for it…

Its full of terrible players who play any two cards and pat themselves on the back when the suck out with them as if they are a poker legend.
I would NEVER play this or any poker site for real money (just read “straight Flush” by Ben Mezrich to understand why).

Frankly, I can’t understand all the aggressiveness and the conspiracy theories, some of them absurd.
I answered a specific post made by a member of the staff, why should my response be removed?
Why should the opinion of a frequent and experienced poker player be unacceptable?
I say again that I am thankful for the free entertainment RP offers me, and so should you all be.
I’m only motivated by the wish to contribute, somehow. I have no idea of programming (although I spoke about it with some experts), but in my eyes the software as it is now is a bit irritating for competent players and counterproductive for the site. If it can’t be changed, for whatever reason, then so be it. It’s up to me to accept or refuse it.
I only play tournaments, where it’s more probable to meet good players. I mostly play as if real money were involved, simply because it’s more fun. And when I get kicked out of a tourney is usually my own fault, not the fault of the software! Sometimes it’s even “wilful suicide”, because I have more important things to do, like work or… sleep.

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Good for you Miri having the guts to post your opinion.

My opinion?
There is a narrative being pushed, mostly by the “Player Reps”.
The narrative is that only the bad players think the software is questionable and they think that because they are bad players.
You, being a good player, are ten times as damaging to that narrative as a bad player would be.

And for those wondering, this thread hasn’t been dumped into “The Fairness Debate” because this thread, at least initially, took the “correct” position in that debate. That might change :slight_smile:
Some see dead people.
I see patterns.

Have heard comments from both good and bad players , what it comes down to for me , is , its a free site , I have met some nice people here . I personally think of the site as a card entertainment site and don’t take the poker part seriously. ALL players are entitled to their opinion and ALL players can leave anytime when it stops being fun for them . Have fun , make friends and don’t take the bad beats personal.


I agree Sharon.

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Hi Rail-Bird,
I’m truly sorry if I upset you. It was not my intention. I only spontaneously reacted to a sentence of yours, which I sensed as unjust.
In my humble opinion, you are not at all responsible for the basic concept of the site, so it’s not your duty or that of the other player reps to “defend” this aspect of the site. However, I perfectly understand your reasons
I was just giving a hint to the management, hoping they’ll consider it. If not, amen, “friends like before”, as we say in Italian.

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Sharon, this is not precisely a compliment to RP, is it? Kidding :slight_smile: This is a poker site, and poker should actually be the main interest, while all the rest are agreeable “side effects”. But I, like you, don’t take it very seriously either, as I’ve (too? LOL) lengthily explained. Pity, I might add, for a passonate poker player as I am.

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