I was told this site has favorite players. now I see it

I was told this site has favorite players. now I see it.

Guess that is frustration after losing a day.

Also it is handy to write under your nick name you use on the ReplayPoker site. When you click on your name in thiis topic you go to your support profile, there you can change your name. After a name request at ReplayPoker you have to change your name on support yourself.

frustration my rear. ive tracked it. and sending note to appropriate investigation ppl .

programed cards

any body who plays regular can see.

Of course its programmed… Its a software… Everythings random… Ive lost with pocket Aces to 2 7 off suit before but so what… Poker is a game of chance… No matter how miraculous a hand could be theres always a chance that would happen. Its a free website anyway… Best we could do is thank the people who made it possible for us to learn poker for free…

I cannot imagine how or why the site a player can give advantage, first there is no reason to do that, it will kill the whole game. And how know the player he has the winning hand? He not know with which cards the other players are in the hand, it can be any cards. You not know the flop with a pre-flop bet. And after the flop you not know the cards of the other players. We all know players can stay in the hand with all kind of cards.

But well, complaints about dealing and cards will be there always and everywhere on pokersites. The game poker not seems fair when you not hit at all or when you lose with good cards while other players win with less good cards. I never found out a system to win with poker (and was never looking for it) . The part of having luck is not to follow. But i’m sure i can not convince you, maybe the investigation can.

Abbygirl, I can assure you 100% that the cards are totally random and there is no favoritism in any way, shape of form. What we provide is poker, pure and simple with nothing artificial added. For a play money poker site we set the bar extremely high, treating it every bit like real money poker - hence we weren’t just satisfied knowing the site was fair and random, we went through the cost and effort to get independently tested, and as you’ll see from our link in the footer of every page of the site, we passed with flying colors.

Abbygirl, What possible reason could RP have for rigging hands? We all have our bad days and it can be frustrating when the cards seem against us but we have good days too. If you are having a bad time, don’t fight the cards, take a break. I’ve been up and down from high stakes to zero so many times, I’ve lost count. All part of the fun.