I know it's just play money, but stop paying off crappy players!

honestly, you have this site programmed to pay off bad players don’t you? How many times does a straight or flush show up on the board? How many times do three players make the same pair? I have been beaten on the river about 90% of the time when I had the dominant hand from the pocket. The probabilities are way off. At least admit you have the settings askew trying to make it more…competitive?

I have the same problem, but I don’t blame Replay. I reject suicide and just wait for the next hand. At least I don’t have to shuffle and deal. Hang in there Messiah!

We take the quality of our random number generator and shuffling algorithm very seriously. A poker site lives or dies by it’s ability to offer a fair game and be seen to do it. That’s why we’re currently re-reviewing our setup in preparation for certification by an independent testing facility. No other play money poker site, to my knowledge, has taken such steps, but for us the fairness of our poker is honestly, our no.1 priority.

Paul sometimes you can have a real good run of bad luck. Replay provides the overall stats perhaps a weekly comparison would be an easy add.

Sure we could do some sort of weekly comparison, can you be more specific what you had in mind?

OK— a weekly comparison with “flops seen”, “pots won”, and “hands folded”.

So you mean on a week by week basis show your stats for those things you mentioned. Actually we have something like this planned for the brand new replaypoker site we’re currently working on. I think you’re going to love it!

Well that sounds great. I like alot of stats, but others like flowers.

he he nono …

One example … my mate raistlin6 have crazy statistics , 376456 played hand - 130640 hands won !

35% hands won , he is my idol ! :slight_smile:

whats wrong with flowers!?

" Paul Gould (Official Rep) 3 days ago As promised earlier in the year, we submitted extensive information about the ReplayPoker random number generator (RNG) to an independent organization called Gaming Associates, an Australian based testing company, who have tested leading real money poker sites like PKR.

We asked this trusted resource to perform an in-depth analysis of the randomness of the output of the RNG, and its implementation in the shuffling of the cards on ReplayPoker. They were given full access to the source code to confirm the randomness and security of our shuffle.

Their evaluation is now complete and I’m very pleased to announce we have successfully met ALL their requirements, thus confirming:

  • the RNG generated results are uniformly distributed and statistically independent; and - shuffled cards for poker card games are fair and not predictable

A copy of the official Evaluation Certificate can be found on Gaming Associates website here: http://www.gamingassociates.com/certi

We believe this makes ReplayPoker, the first and only play money poker site to be independently audited and guaranteed a fair game! "

Well at least legitimate hands are beating you. I got beat with trip fours by 1 pair of queens. No spit!

you need to work more on your algorithm